Breakthroughs in Andrology (Abstract)

A Cross-Sectional Study on Environmental DDT Exposure and reduced seminal parameters in Men from Chiapas, Mexico

Microsurgical Management of Male Infertility by Jonathan Schiff, M.D.

The surgical management of male infertility is one of the most exciting topics in all of medicine. Over the last 25 years, the application of advanced microsurgical techniques has made the treatment of the infertile male one of the great success stories in medicine. We can now offer successful treatment options to thousands of couples affected by male factor infertility whose only options in the past were donor sperm or adoption.

High Resolution Sperm Selection by Peter Ahlering, MD

A fact sheet on HRSS

Cytoplasmic Transfer

Cytoplasmic transfer is a logical extension of assisted reproduction, a procedure that represents a hybrid between in vitro fertilization in its traditional form and IVF using donated oocytes.

Good Eggs, FSH levels and Ovarian Reserve by David Sable, MD

As essay by Dr. Sable about ovarian reserve, or the "egg factor." As of this writing we are quite capable of bypassing the problems of poor quality sperm or low sperm count or problems stemming from dysfunction or disease of the female reproductive system such as endometriosis or tubal disease but egg quality has yet to be something we can change for the better.

Human Cloning: What's it all about? by Carlene Elsner, M.D.

em cell line from a cloned human blastocyst has reignited both interest and anxiety regarding the development of this technology. Images appear of “Mini-Me” from the Austin Powers’ movies or the creatures in “The Attack of the Clones”. Medical researchers agree that there is the potential for great benefit to humanity from the development of cloning technology; so, what is this technology all about and what is the potential for abuse?

INCIID Insights November 2006: Drs. Lavy and Jones become INCIID moderators

Dr. Gad Lavy and Ervin Jones are a team at the New England Fertility Institute. They've also become team volunteer moderators answering your questions about donor cycles and reproduction on the INCIID Donor Gametes Forum.

IUI by Richard Sherbahn, M.D.

Studies have shown that intrauterine insemination can be effective for some cases associated with poor sperm quality. If the total motile sperm count at the time of insemination is less than five million, the chances for pregnancy are significantly lower than with higher counts.

Laser Surgery Techniques by by Michael Doyle, M.D. and Shaun Williams, M.D.

Reproductive specialists utilize numerous techniques to correct specific problems while minimally altering surrounding structures in efforts to increase the efficiency of the reproductive organs.

Top Questions Egg Donors Ask by Kathy Benardo

Have you ever wondered what donors might ask before they donate their eggs to another woman? Kathy Benardo, Director of the Egg Donation Program at the Northeast Assisted Fertility Group, and she has written an article for recipients about the most frequently asked questions egg donors ask.


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