Surgical Interventions

Da Vinci Robotical Surgical System 
by Glenn Schattman, M.D.

Laparoscopic surgery has now taken a giant technological leap forward into the 21st century with the FDA approval of the da Vinci robotic surgical system.


Table of Contents 2006 Resource Directory and Handbook

The 2006 Table of Contents for the INCIID Art Directory and Resource Handbook

2006 Art Resource Directory & Handbook

The 2006 INCIID ART Resource Directory and Hanbook. Each Fall INCIID publishes a comprehensive selection of fact sheets, articles and information about infertility, pregnancy loss and adoption. You can view the directory online here or order a personal copy of the CD.

Infertility Books: Miscellaneous

A variety of other books of interest for those undergoing infertility diagnosis and treatment.

Infertility Books: Pregnancy & Parenting After Infertility

Pregnancy and parenting after infertility diagnosis and treatment is difficult and different for some. These books are recommeded.

Infertility Books: Secondary Infertility

Books recommended for those going through secondary struggles with infertility

Infertility Books: Emotional Support

Books which lend emotional support and suggestions on coping through infertility diagnosis and treatment.

Infertility Books: Male Infertility

Suggested reading for those interested in learning about male infertility.

Adoption Books

Books recommended for those considering adoption especially after infertility.

Infertility Books: Pregnancy Loss

Recommended reading for miscarriage, stillbirth, death, grief/grieving and death.


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