Thinking Out-CIID the Box!



In 1994. three women who had been told their infertility was intractable, went out on the internet and found solutions to their issues. 

They thought OUT-CIID the box.  These same three women met in cyberspace and formed the organization INCIID to help others on their family building journeys.  Folks told them the Internet was full of misinformation and the thing would never work.  13 years later, INCIID ‘s community continues to grow and provide reliable and cutting edge information and support to tens of thousands of families.  These women once again thought OUT-CIID the box. In 2002, Nancy Hemenway and her board of directors decided it was time to find a way to provide some help for those unable to afford IVF and the From INCIID the Heart Program came about. This year, over a dozen a babies have been born as a result of this OUT-CIID the box thinking .


Before we ask you for a contribution, we would like to say a big thank you to all of our 2006 donors. Without your thinking outciid the box with us, our heart scholarship program would not be able to function. We appreciate your generosity. Checkout the 2006 INCIID Wall of Fame.

Now, INCIID is going to ask you to do some OUTCIID the box thinking.  Yes, we are asking for your financial support to continue our mission.  ( )


As has been said, “infertility is no one’s national emergency” and funding opportunities are few and fiercely competitive. But all of you know how personal and painful infertility can be and you know how important it is to support one another. We know many of you are counting pennies to pay for treatment and we want you to know we value small contributions as well as larger ones.  We have a monthly giving plan to help spread the payments over the year. INCIID is asking you to find a way to financially support our organization with the same enthusiasm you bring to supporting one another.


Please help INCIID to continue to think OUTCIID the box in pursuing new and exciting technology to deliver information and support through on-line chats with experts in the field of infertility treatment , Webinars, Pathways to Parenthood ( an early example of the OUTCIID the box, version of a blog that will be re-launched in early 2007) and INCIID Insights Community Newsletter - an email newsletter that goes out to our 40 thousand-plus member population.

Of course, INCIID will continue to provide 24 hour on-line access to support and information boards to help you in your family building journey. 


Give a year-end tax deductible donation here:


You are not alone! INCIID is there for you. Help us continue to think OUTCIID the box and give generously with a year-end tax deductible contribution!

With Thanks,

The INCIID Staff and Volunteers


Fax your credit card information directly to INCIID:

We need your Name as it appears on the card

Address, City, State and Zipcode

Credit card number

Expiration Date

Signature giving us permission to process your card.

Fax directly and securely here:

(703) 379-1593


Fax Check Draft information to INCIID (703) 379-1593
Please Include the following:

Name and full address

Name and City and State of Your Bank

Routing Number (lower far left number)

Account Number
Check Number

Please sign the donation request to process your check draft donation.


Mail a check (postmarked by midnight December 31, 2006) payable to:


PO Box 6836

Arlington, Virginia 22206



SECURE Online contributions here:

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