Clomid Use and Abuse by Gary S. Berger, M.D.

Some women can't get pregnant because they don't secrete enough LH and FSH at the right time during the cycle and, as a result, they don't ovulate.

OVARIAN CRYOPRESERVATION AND TRANSPLANTATION: An Emerging Tool for Fertility Preservation By Kutluk Oktay, M.D.

In the US alone, hundreds of thousands of women and children are subjected to medical treatment (including treatment for cancer). These treatments can result in infertility and premature ovarian failure. What can be done to help perserve fertility? Dr. Kutluk Oktay, gives an overview.

Happy Together Again: Reframing Infertility in Your Marriage by Susan G. Mikesell, Ph.D.

Communicating with your partner can be a very important part of conquering and coping with infertility.

Enhancing Your Relationship During Infertility By Sharon Covington, MSW, LCSW-C

Enhancing your relationship with your partner during infertility treatment can be a real challenge. Sharon Covington MSW, LCSW provides some tips on how to cope.

Keeping Your Sex Life Alive While Coping With Infertility By Judith C. Daniluk, Ph.D.

Tips for keeping your sex life alive while going through infertility. Written by Judith C, Daniluk, Ph.D.

Infertility makes Father's Day forever bittersweet by Jeffrey Collins

Like a lot of men, I'm sure, Father's Day never meant a whole lot to me. For most of my life Father's Day was only about my dad, and whether or not I'd remember to call him on "his day" or whether I'd just mow the lawn in homage to him instead. In my lifetime I've had only one friend who'd said that he'd always dreamed of being a dad. But he seems to be the exception in our crowd, not the rule. I know Father's Day certainly never meant as much to me as Mother's Day meant to my wife.

INCIID Insights November 2006: INCIID the Holidays

Holidays are normally fun but for those who struggle with infertility, they can be hard. We think we can help by providing some tips, suggestions and coping strategies while at the same

The INCIID Story: Listeria, Pregnancy and One Couple's Fight to Build their Family Against ALL Odds

After a year of marriage, Scott and Lisa wanted a family. There was no reason to suspect the tragedy and harship ahead.

The INCIID Story: A Friendship Like No Other

Ever heard of a friendship so special it seems like it was out of a movie? Kris and Lisa had this kind of a relationship. [Caution: Death of a Mother and Child mentioned.]

From Heartbreak to Hope: Mark and Michelle's Story

An INCIID Heart Program story of hope. Meghan Grace has arrived! Michelle and Mark are INCIID IVF Scholarship recipients who have been waiting for over six years for their little miracle. Read their story.


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