Webinar Recording: Extended School Year (ESY) March 18, 2015

Power Point Slide introduction to the Extended School Year presentation

Recording of the online workshop for Extended School Year (ESY) held on March 18, 2015

Dustin and Julia: Family Photos of their INCIID Scholarship Babies

Twins being delivered c-section
Colton and Cooper infant twins snuggled on top of two guitars
Black and Whilte Photo of twins sleeping and holding hands

Read Dustin and Julia's Story

Parents never expect to bury their child. But that is just what happened to Julia and Dustin who met in high school, graduated, got married and then began their journey to become parents.

Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Infertility

Photo of Chines Stones with words representing the therapy (calm, smooth, peace)

Although the goals of Complementary medicine and conventional Western medicine are the same, their ideas about what causes a disease, the nature of the disease itself, and the process used to regain health are very different.

ESY: It's that time of year

Photo on the beach with blackboard that says Summer
Snow scene in the Woods of Vermont

Just in case your child's school district Team puts it off i ESY discussion there is no reason why you should put it off if your student needs Extra School Year Services. The key is being prepared before you confront the Team with your request for ESY (or any other change you want a program or IEP).

Insurance Carriers that may offer infertility insurance or riders

A starting point list of carriers who have been reported to offer coverage or policy riders for infertility.

FACT SHEET: Requirements for Determination of a Learning Disability Under the IDEA

Frustrated Child sitting at a school desk

Requirement for a School System’s Determination of Learning Disability and Use of Response to Intervention (RTI)

Frustrated Child sitting at a school deskThe final regulations incorporate new requirements regarding identifying children with specific learning disabilities (SLD) and early intervening services (EIS). With regard to identifying children with SLD, the regulations:

Special Education Unzipped

A schoolgirl in front of a blackboard with an orange unzipping to be come an apple

[NOTE: Feel free to ask questions about this or any article on the Ask an Advocate Forum where Brice Palmer will answer your questions.]

The IEP Team Says They Will "Consider". . .

A schoolgirl in front of a blackboard considering all the synonyms for the word consider.

What Does "Consider" Actually Mean: More than you ever wanted to know about what the word consider means.

By Brice Palmer

As if there were not enough things about how school districts interpret various regulations in the IDEA and Section 504, the word “consider” seems to be one of the most irritating roadblocks we face during IEP and 504 meetings.

Special Education Advocacy: Strategies

Super Highway with many Off and On Ramps

Super Highway with many Off and On Ramps


California: A Golden State for Surrogacy By Stephanie Caballero, Esq.

California Highway and Mountains Scene
Stephanie Caballero, Esq.

“What is the quality of your intent?” – Thurgood Marshall

            Why, you ask? Because, the intent to parent is key to the determination of your parental rights.

Not only is intent key, but also California now has a surrogacy statute and that means we have a very clear framework on surrogacy, regardless of martial status -- or lack thereof – or sexual orientation, parentage can be established.  


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