Prolactin Levels

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A basic work-up by a reproductive endocrinologist will likely include a variety of blood tests including prolactin levels. Prolactin is a hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland sits below the hypothalamus at the base of the brain.

Special Education Records Part 2: How to Organize

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Mother and Father walking with young girl on a snowy winter day[NOTE: Feel free to ask questions about this or any article on the Ask an Advocate Forum where Brice Palmer will answer your questions.In education Records Part I, we talked about the state and federal rules that tell

FERPA & Special Education Advocacy

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During the second millennium BC, the king of Phrygia tied a knot that only one person could undo. The prize? The one who could undo the knot would become the ruler of Asia. Many tried and failed.

It came to pass that Alexander the Great was the one who undid the knot—by cutting it instead of untying it.

In the months ahead this year Insights will present some effective and essential advocacy techniques that will help you cut through the Gordian knot that special education has become.

Dealing with the Stress of the Holidays

The stress of the holidays is a topic that has appeared with regularity in articles and newsletters since 1979 when I began working as a psychotherapist with infertility patients. Rightfully so. Infertility is demanding and stressful. The Holidays are demanding and stressful. And in this case, one plus one equals way more than 2.

The Child That Never Was

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This article by By Renée Henning is self-explanatory and describes the feelings of many.

Insurance Companies / Carriers Known to Cover Infertility

This is a list (not complete) of companies which have been known to carry infertility coverage. If you want to add to the list, please email us.

The Function of Endogenous Platelet Activating Factor (PAF) in Human Sperm

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Eight to ten million couples are afflicted with infertility in the United States. Infertility can be caused by a number of factors. Not only females but also males can have problems with infertility. Male infertility is the primary culprit in ~25% of these couples, and is a factor in additional 20% of these couples. Also check out the male infertility video clip with Dr. Peter Ahlering.

News Flash - Patient has successful Pregnancy following Uterine Transplant

First Uterine Transplant

First uterine transplant is a success.

PCOS Video from Fertility Centers of Ilinois

This is a very good video featuring doctors from Fertility Centers of Ilinois and 6 patients who  suffer with PCOS. 


PCOS can be managed but you need to understand the signs and get help from a Reproductive Endocrinolgist

Dr. George Koulianos Speaks to Elective Single Embryo Transfer

Elective Single Embryo Transfer. Is it right for you video clip with Dr. George Koulianos

INCIID Professional member, Dr. George Koulianos speaks to Elective Single Embryo Transfers. Is it right for you?


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