INCIID Professional Member Features Dr. George Koulianos of Mobile Alabama

Dr. George Koulianos of Mobile Alabama

This week INCIID features professional member Dr. George Koulianos of The Center for Reproductive Medicine in Mobile, Alabama.

Dr. Koulianos has also been a faithful supporter of infertility patients and INCIID for many years. Be sure to see his teaching video clip on Elective Single Embryo Transfer

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Intracystoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Video with Dr. Robert Anderson

Video of ICSI with Dr. Robert Anderson

What is ICSI (IK_SEE) and why use it?  A video description plus lab footage of ICSI being done narrated by Dr. Robert Anderson.

PGD Video Clip with Dr. Robert Anderson

PGD Video by Dr. Robert Anderson


Changes in Fertility after Exposure of Sperm to Exogenous PAF

In order to understand the concept of male fertility, a basic understanding of two processes is required. Sperm must undergo a series of steps toward maturation. The next to last step in this series is called capacitation. (Article also has audio)

New Study Associates Failed Fertility Treatment to Worse Mental Health in Women

According to a study published in the European Journal of Reproductive Medicine, wishing and hoping for a child is strongly associated with a woman’s long-term mental health.

Can Acupuncture Ease Labor Pains?

When Talk Isn’t Enough: Easing Trauma’s Lingering Shock (Link)

An Interview transcript with Bessel van der Kolk, MD conducted by Ryan Howes

Constancy and Permanence: Introduction

Photo of Holly van Gulden

This is the first in a series about "Constancy" and "Permanence" as it applies to child development. These video clips are good for any parent to watch but should be of particular interest to parents of children who were adopted from foster care or internationally. Many children have been traumatized and as a result experience attachment struggles.

Constancy: Video 1: What Makes Constancy?

Constancy: Video 1 with Holly Van Guilden


Go to Constancy Video 2

Constancy: Video 2: Where does it start?

Holly Van Gulden explains where constancy starts.


Go to Constancy Video 3


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