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Learn more about the history of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) through this historical timeline from the ADA National Network. 

Case Analysis: You don't have to be a lawyer to learn to think like one!

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Thinking like a lawyerA Conversation with Brice Palmer

Making Decisions and Analyzing the Facts

Cartoon: Who made the decision to invite the cat?
Blackboard  Half Truths

By Brice Palmer

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Unrestrained Danger - Virginia Schools May be Hurting Children

For Immediate Release:   
Contact: Colleen Miller
August 11, 2014  
disAbility law Center of Virginia
(804) 225-2042

Virginia Schools May be Hurting Children


Brice Palmer Special Education Advocate


One spring day in 1995 a mother knocked on the door and asked for some help with a special education problem.
Special Education?  Never heard of it. .
She asked me to go to a meeting at the school with her.
Armed with a copy of the Vermont Special Education Regulations, a Netscape Navigator browser and primitive e-mail, we readied ourselves for the meeting.

Special education has been my life’s work ever since.

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