A Proposed Tennessee Bill in State Houses Proposes Any Child Produced by Artificial Insemination to be Illegitimate

Different Kinds of Families

Tennessee’s Terri Lynn Weaver (R-Lancaster) of the House (HB 1406) and Joey Hensley (R-Hohenwald) of the Senate (SB 1153) propose bills seeking to label and classify all children born through (IUI) artificial insemination as illegitimate children. ART techniques include, donor eggs, donor sperm, surrogacy, and any procedure involving in vitro fertilization (IVF). Senator Hensley’s version would repeal TCA 68-3-306 declaring children born through AI/IUI “illegitimate”. There is no reason not to expect this to cover all ART procedures as well using any donor process (donor eggs, donor sperm).

Miracles and Memories (MAM) Pins

Miracles and Memories Family-Building Pins

 Established in August of 2002, MAM has the vision that is affected by infertility and/or pregnancy loss, or the heartbreak of a failed adoption should feel alone or loss of fertility should feel unsupported and no one, no matter how they elect to build their family, should be left out or belittled for their choices.

Miracles and Memories (MAM), is a worldwide, international movement designed to increase public awareness and support patient education and empowerment for infertility, pregnancy loss and adoption. By reaching out through the global community, sponsors, corporate partners and individuals, we hope to raise global awareness for those who continue to suffer predominately in silence, to a higher level of compassion and understanding by family, friends doctors, attorneys and anyone working inside or outside of the reproductive medicine field..

Exercise-Induced Male Factor Infertility

Male Cyclists racing

Exercise-Induced Male Factor Infertility
        Case Introduction
E.N. is a 32 year-old male who presents to his primary care provider with his wife with a complaint of infertility. He and his wife, a 30 year-old female, have been unsuccessful at conceiving for the past 15 months. His wife has been having normal monthly menstrual cycles, has been evaluated by her gynecologist and had normal fertility testing. Edward was instructed by his wife’s doctor to seek out fertility testing of his own. He and his wife are concerned about their ability to conceive.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) For Veterans Jeopardized by a New Amendment in Congress


Veterans do so much for our country. An amendment to appropriate money for injured vets who need IVF treatment jeopardizes their chance to conceive. We need your help to contact representatives and let them know this is just wrong.

What Makes Reproductive Medicine Associates of CT Unique

What makes RMA - CT unique. Check out their video to see why.

An Update from Kaitlin and Scott's IVF Scholarship Experience


In late 2013, after many months of treatments and medications, my husband and I were blessed with the gift of a positive pregnancy test.  The coming weeks, blessed us with news of a boy/girl twins pregnancy. This blessed event was a dream-come-true. 

Our pregnancy was smooth as we went through testing, ultrasounds, and OBGYN appointments.  However, at 23 weeks everything changed.  What was once our greatest gift turned into the most difficult event of our lives. The day after we became parents to Nora and Hendrik they passed quietly away in our arms.  They lived only 37 short hours. The heartbreak was unbearable.

The Zika Virus: What you need to know.

What you need to know about the Zika Virus when trying to get pregnant.
Example of a rash
Planet with mosquitoes surrounding it
Map of spreading Zika virus.

[Note: Update June 28, 2016, call your Senators to ask them to pass a "clean bill" for emergency funding. Some Senators are adding riders to the bill designed to make it harder to pass. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Zika is her in the US and is an International Crisis]

A Day in the Life of a Fertility Nurse

Fertility Nurse

Walking into work with a coffee in my hand, I prepare for the day. We get a variety of patients which is what I love about my job. We see so many patients and each person has a different story. I cannot wait to see what happens for each one of them.

My first task for the day is to read my email. I check email often and often respond late into the evening. When I check again I find someone sent me a picture of their new baby, another letting me know their pregnancy test was negative and another ecstatic but worried with a positive pregnancy test. There are the ups and the downs. We are consummate professionals but still as we watch you going through the emotional and taxing fertility journey, we empathize with all the different emotions and the pain. This fertility excursion is a tough one but we continue with lots of hugs, medical advice and even tears of joy and sorrow

Webinar: Implantation Failure with Mark Perloe, M.D.

What does implantation failure consist of - how do physicians test for it? What can be done to improve or further implantation? Read Dr. Perloe's article and listen to his talk on all that is currently available to enhance chances of an ongoing pregnancy.

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