Improving Egg Quality

Improving Egg Quality with the Use of Mitochondrial Nutrients

Supplementation of mitochondrial nutrients may improve the availability of energy production for the maturing oocyte and the developing embryo and thus reduce aneuploidy and assist in clinical pregnancies and live birth rates.

Vitamin D Could Play a Role in Successful Treatment of Infertility

Not a day goes by where we don’t hear something about vitamin D.. What can it do for those who suffer with infertility? While some of the scientific community thinks the jury is still out on whether we should supplement with vitamin D – you might want to take a look at some of the research and decide for yourself if supplementation with D3 might be an important component of your fertility treatment.

Infertility Basics

Amber and Paul (Cancer Survivor) IVF Scholarship Recipients

Before you take the plunge into fertility treatment, arm yourself with the basics.


IVF Study for Patients between 35 and 42 Years of Age

Georgia Reproductive Specialists is currently seeking patients for The IVY IVF Study. This study is testing a new follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) treatment called AFOLIA comparing it to the US approved Gonal-f. FSH helps healthy ovaries to make eggs in women. Each patient in this study would be participating for approximately 14 weeks per cycle, similar to the amount of time spent in a regular IVF cycle.


Infertility and Trauma; Infertility and Resilience


Anyone who has ever frolicked in the ocean is wise to learn how to avoid getting knocked over by the waves.  When a breaker threatens to inundate you with its powerful churning energy, diving under it keeps you safe. Conversely, to passively stand in the path of this impending blow can lead to feeling traumatized.    


2015 Online Angel Award

We live in a truly digital age. It's nearly impossible to do anything or go anywhere without a smartphone or computerized or generated something.  The early nineties was a time when for all practical purposes – the Internet as we know it today was in its infancy.  Today there are all kinds of digital scams, hackers lurking around every cyber corner and a lot of cyber bullying. But there are also many acts of kindness, paying it forward and lots of interactive success stories (more)

Miracles and Memories Pins

INCIID Miracle Quilt Put Together by INCIIDers

We believe a small act of kindness toward all men and women who have or who are suffering through infertility, pregnancy loss and adoption will speak volumes about how much you care. This act of kindness is especially important for those who provide treatment for reproductive medicine patients.


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