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Breathing in the Now: Creating an Eye in the Storm by Helen Adrienne, MSW, ACSW

Infertility is an emotional hurricane. And hurricanes wreak havoc. While it is not irrational to think and behave as if the only choice is to ride out the storm, it is not the only choice.

INCIID Insights Nov. 2006: Oh No Not the Holidays by Helen Adrienne

The holidays can produce some strong feelings which is absolutely normal if one is at any stage of diagnosis or treatment for the difficulty you are having in trying to conceive. Any and all feelings and their intensity at this time of year can be boiled down to a predominant issue: I don’t want to participate in forced gayety.

INCIID Insights December 2006: A Grab Bag of Coping Skills for the Holidays

Coping skills are important at this time of year.

A Grab Bag of Coping Skills by Helen Adrienne

Coping can be thought of as learning to get out of your own way. We all get tossed around in life and we all form defenses which make it possible to live in our early environment. When something as painful and demanding as infertility hits, we are called upon to adapt to an unwanted reality. Helen offers suggestions for new and more sophisticated coping styles which go beyond what we have had at our disposal.

The Sounds of Silence

Simon and Garfunkel sang of the “words of the prophets being written on subway walls and tenement halls” and prophetic words being “whispered in the sounds of silence.” As prophets themselves, they sang of “people talking without speaking, people hearing without listening.” This article is an invitation for you to ponder what “vision might have been planted in your brain [which] still remains…within the sound of [your] silence.”

An Intimate Look at Intimacy

Intimacy is a powerful antidote for the many dimensions of the stress of infertility. Intimacy is palliative. Intimacy is satisfying. Intimacy provides comfort. Many if not most couples report that they feel much closer, much more intimate, by the time that their infertility is resolved. But the road to resolution can be filled with potholes.

Infertility: the musical that's hard to conceive

Infertility: the musical that’s hard to conceive makes a very good start at removing the terrible stigma and taboo surrounding infertility. If ever there is a chance for those who don’t understand the pain to become sensitized to it, this play just may be the ticket they need. Warm-hearted and funny! This poignant off broadway musical written and composed by Chris Neuner follows the compelling, and heartfelt true-life stores of five “would-be” parents (more).

Marriage, Sex and Relationships

INCIID the Holidays

Holidays can be very hard for those struggling to build a family. INCIID the holidays is an area for support and to help support you through the holiday blues.


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