INCIID Success Stories

Outstanding stories of hope and courage for and about  INCIID community members.

The Emotional Side of Procedures

Infertility treatment can be like an emotional rollercoaster. Here you'll find articles and ideas to support and help you cope.

Webinar - Fertility Enhancement with Complementary Medicine with Randine Lewis, Ph.D.

A new way of thinking about fertility and in particular infertility.

Thatcher's Thoughts on Aspirin, Endometrium and Paternal Aging

To evaluate the effect of aspirin on infertile women with thin endometrium, 114 women were placed into an aspirin group and 122 women into a nonaspirin group

Assessing Information on the Internet

Although patients frequently visit consumer-related internet sites to help them make informed decisions about treatment, there is no clear way for these consumers to evaluate content within these sites. This article reviews the problem and offers suggestions to remedy the situation.

SEE the Video Web Cast with Geoff Sher, MD: New Breakthrough in IVF. Study Doubles IVF Success

A process that could markedly improve pregnancy rates from In Vitro-Fertilization (IVF) was reported in a study published in the prestigious medical journal Fertility and Sterility (F&S).

Women's support Group to Begin in February 2008-- New York City

A new women's support group begins meeting in February in the New York City area.

Infertility - Medical Forums and Bulletin Boards

Get your questions on infertility, pregnancy loss and adoption answered by therapists, doctors, attorneys and other professionals on INCIID.


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