FACT SHEET: Requirements for Determination of a Learning Disability Under the IDEA

Frustrated Child sitting at a school desk

Requirement for a School System’s Determination of Learning Disability and Use of Response to Intervention (RTI)

Frustrated Child sitting at a school deskThe final regulations incorporate new requirements regarding identifying children with specific learning disabilities (SLD) and early intervening services (EIS). With regard to identifying children with SLD, the regulations:

The IEP Team Says They Will "Consider". . .

A schoolgirl in front of a blackboard considering all the synonyms for the word consider.

What Does "Consider" Actually Mean: More than you ever wanted to know about what the word consider means.

By Brice Palmer

As if there were not enough things about how school districts interpret various regulations in the IDEA and Section 504, the word “consider” seems to be one of the most irritating roadblocks we face during IEP and 504 meetings.

Special Education Advocacy: Strategies

Super Highway with many Off and On Ramps

Super Highway with many Off and On Ramps


Special Education Records Part 2: How to Organize

Mother and Father walking with young girl on a snowy winter day
IEP Check List Thumbnail

Mother and Father walking with young girl on a snowy winter day[NOTE: Feel free to ask questions about this or any article on the Ask an Advocate Forum where Brice Palmer will answer your questions.In education Records Part I, we talked about the state and federal rules that tell

FERPA & Special Education Advocacy

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During the second millennium BC, the king of Phrygia tied a knot that only one person could undo. The prize? The one who could undo the knot would become the ruler of Asia. Many tried and failed.

It came to pass that Alexander the Great was the one who undid the knot—by cutting it instead of untying it.

In the months ahead this year Insights will present some effective and essential advocacy techniques that will help you cut through the Gordian knot that special education has become.

The Unrestrained Danger Report - Virginia Schools May be Hurting Children

For Immediate Release:                                             
Contact: Colleen Miller
August 11, 2014                                                         
disAbility law Center of Virginia
(804) 225-2042


Virginia Schools May be Hurting Children


Brice Palmer Special Education Advocate


One spring day in 1995 a mother knocked on the door and asked for some help with a special education problem.
Special Education?  Never heard of it. .
She asked me to go to a meeting at the school with her.
Armed with a copy of the Vermont Special Education Regulations, a Netscape Navigator browser and primitive e-mail, we readied ourselves for the meeting.

Special education has been my life’s work ever since.

Occupational Therapy for Children with Early Trauma Histories

Occupational Therapy for Children with an Early Trauma History including Medical Trauma,
Post-Institutionalized Children or Children Experiencing Attachment Disorder

Special Needs Acronyms

A list of acronyms typically used with children who have special needs.

Resources for Parenting Special Needs Children

A list of resources for the parents of children with special needs.


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