Phyllis and Freddy (Photo)

We are on our way!
We have been matched with a clinic and are on our way to cycling thanks to the generosity of many people who have helped and supported us along the way. We especially want to thank EMD Serono for its support of INCIID Heart Recipients!

Professional Membership and TOS

INCIID's website was the first infertility site on the World Wide Web in March 1995. It is the leading infertility patient destination.  INCIID Professional Membership Zipcode searach and Google Mapping enables patients to find you..  INCIID gets a high volume qualified and targeted traffic. Patients want to find doctors and industry professionals that have the expertise, talent and compassion to help them build a family. INCIID helps educate patients and direct them to specialized care.

Kanke and Moses - Photo

Kanke and Moses
We long each day for the privilege to be called parents, help us experience the joy of having kids.

First National IVF Scholarship Program -

INCIID has launched the first national program for IVF scholarships. It has collected more than $1.3 million in donated services for those with both medical and financial need but without insurance to cover the procedure.


Apply for the Heart Program

More information on application to From INCIID the Heart --- an IVF scholarship program.


Heart Scholarship Fund Raising Requirement

An outline of the fund raising requirement for finalists selected for free IVF.


Success Stories from the Heart

On Monday October 31, 2005, the first "From INCIID the Heart" baby was born to the first couple to get pregnant from this scholarship. This video clip is dedicated to all who struggle with infertility and pregnancy loss. Warning: this is both video and audio. You'll Windows Media Player and a box of tissues to view it.


Cheryl and Brandon: Stories from the Heart

Heartbreak is not stranger for Brandon and Cheryl. "We had always dreamed of IVF but knew it was completely out of our reach." Today Cheryl and Brandon are expecting a "Heart Baby".


Heather Bruce Thiermann Online Angel Award

Heather's story is a triumphant example of how going on-line can not only change lives, but enhance them. Her story shows that friendships made via computers can be as rewarding as any, even if participants never meet face-to-face.

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Ways you can support the INCIID mission


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