IEP's The Whole Enchilada with Brice Palmer

INCIID is once again presenting a year-long special education advocacy series for parents as they navigate the IEP process and Special Education Maze.
We had to stop the series for a while when Brice became unexpectedly taken ill. He is better and chomping at the bit to start again -- coaching parents or anyone with an interest in becoming the best possible advocate for children with special needs and disabilities...
So - we begin working our way through the IEP's the Whole Enchilada
One day you left the comfort of your world and went to your first special education meeting.
IEPs: The Whole Enchilada Webinar Jan 17 2018No matter what your background, education, profession, trade, or any other circumstance in your life, that meeting changed your world as fast as you can say IEP.
Nothing in your experience prepared you to take on the countless policies, procedures, laws, or the language of special education. Nothing in your experience prepared you for the role you would assume. Nothing in your experience prepared you for the conversation during that meeting.
We are going to explore some ideas today that I hope will change the way you see your role and what I think is a more productive way to carry on conversations about a child's special education program. These ideas germinated and grew during our years as a practicing advocate and from exchanging experiences and insights with special education professionals from both "sides" of the IEP table.
Come to our Webinar Meeting on Wednesday January 17, 2018
Doors open at 7:15 PM ET and we will start the meeting at 7:30 pm Come and meet or re-acquaint with Brice Palmer a nationally known advocate and author of all things special education.
Here is the information you will need to log into the meeting. Space is limited.
Register with the meeting number 620 495 726 here: You will need this number to register: 620 495 726
Event Date: 
Wednesday, January 17, 2018 - 19:15 to 20:30

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