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Incidents and Events since the 2016 Election

This is a working document and list of things that have happened since November 8, 2016. The first step is to write down the things that the president-elect says and is doing. Please feel free to add or correct this list. Write a comment and I will add it to the main document. Be sure to cite a reference. Sources must be reliable and mainstream so they are documented. Thanks for your help. And thank you to Amy Siskind for the idea to keep a running list of events.

  1. The first family (elect) will not live in the White House
  2. During the campaign Melania Trump’s biography changed from her going to college to the fact she did not graduate from college.
  3. Donald Trump, Jr. met with Russian representatives in Paris to discuss Syria during the election
  4. Put tells the US to stay out of Aleppo – the worst humanitarian crisis in our lifetime.
  5. Putin moved missiles into Kaliningrad citing “NATO aggression”. Missiles are now within striking distance of Germany.
  6. Russian paid people to publish FAKE news stories during the election
  7. In violation of the constitution for any president to mix personal business with the office of the presidency. Trump is furthering his business affairs and using the office of the presidency to get licenses and other favors from foreign nation leaders. As soon as he takes the oath of office he is in violation of the constitution.
  8. Trump states openly he does not care about conflicts of interests and he does not feel compelled to separate his business dealings from his role as president.
  9. Trump has been using non-secure telephone lines in Trump Tower in talking to heads of state.
  10. Trump’s daughter and son-in-law have been meeting with Trump and foreign heads of state. He wants to give them security clearance even though neither has the background
  11. Trump admitted breaking the law when he signed off on Trump Foundation’s tax statement. He now has admitted the foundation was in violation of tax laws.
  12. In WI 5 thousand of Trump’s 27K vote lead have been proven to be fake votes.
  13. Trump demands Mitt Romney apologize if he wants the Secretary of State position.
  14. Trump is selling Trump merchandise in Trump Tower and online including Christmas tree ornaments



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