The International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination, Inc

Heart Scholarship Fund Raising Requirement

Beyond building a family,  INCIID has two goals for program recipients:
1.  Every participant should be an ambassador and promoter of this important program and

2.  Every recipient should be 100% supportive of INCIID's mission becoming both an advocate and a partner in helping to raise infertility awareness. Recipients should give compassionate support to others who find themselves in the same circumstances. 


The From INCIID the Heart Scholarship program has been a wonderful and successful vehicle to parenthood for a number of recipients.  For the program to continue to grow and flourish, it needs to go beyond a charitable hand out. INCIID continues to be a consumer-oriented grass roots organization remaining independent of big business and 100% behind the consumer. The INCIID IVF scholarship is self-sustaining within the infertile community.

Recipients who are selected by the stand alone Heart Committee have a fund raising commitment/requirement to INCIID. Each recipient will gain points for dollars raised. The minimum number of points before we begin the matching process is 3800..  There is no Quid pro quo (From the Latin meaning "something for something") indicating a more-or-less equal exchange or substitution of goods or services. It is illegal for any 501 c 3 (nonprofit) organization to say, "You do this and we will give you that". This is not the purpose of the fund raising and it is not the goal of the organization.  The money raised does not come from the scholarship recipient but instead is raised (with INCIID's help) by the scholarship recipients for INCIID, a charity. These individuals who become partners with INCIID help raise both educational infertility awareness as well as funds supporting the INCIID scholarship and the programs and services INCIID provides to consumers. If anyone does not fully support and want to help INCIID raise funds and awareness, then this scholarship is not for you.

Just as those who seek treatment, are partners in their care, INCIID believes those who need our help will become partners in the mission. Through active fund raising for INCIID, these scholarship recipients invest some of themselves in the organization while promoting a cause which is passionate to each and every one of them. They will help others and as a result help themselves at the same time. The result will be a program branching out like a tree with friends, family/relatives and others raising awareness for services and programs we offer while giving us a wider audience to tell some of the incredible INCIID stories.

This requirement is NOT a subsidy or payment or guarantee of a cycle but only meeting a commitment to INCIID a nonprofit and charity helping the infertile people build their families. 
IVF cycles are expensive. They are not free. This program costs money to administer and run. INCIID as the agency matching the recipient with the donated cycles, spends time, effort and many hours  getting this accomplished for patients.  Remember the money doesn't come out of a recipient’s pocket. Instead by creating a fundraising requirement, together we form a working relationship - a partnership helping each other. We get the word out about INCIID, its programs and how they are working with people to help them build a family.  Just like Habitat For Humanity's "work requirement", INCIID has created a fund raising work requirement in order to help the Heart Program become self-supporting.

If the "From INCIID the Heart" IVF Scholarship Program is to continue, we need help raising funds and awareness. If you need help with IVF, believe in the INCIID Mission and are willing to pitch in to fundraise, than this may be the right program for you.