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We are Chad and Linda  from Knoxville, Tennessee and this is our story.  Chad is a helicopter mechanic (technician) for the federal government and a helicopter crew chief for the Tennessee Army National Guard.  He has served in the army almost 18 years.  I have been a veterinary technician (a.k.a. doggie & kitty nurse) for over 12 years.  We met on an internet social site and “talked” online for several months.  He and I decided to meet in November 2008.  We had a great time getting to know one another.  We have similar likes and dislikes but very different personalities.   From that first date, we were hardly ever apart.  He had warned me that he was due to be deployed the following March for one year to Iraq.  So, we agreed to take things slowly. Fortunately, love took over and things became much more than just friendship. We enjoyed our time together.  When it was time for him to do his duty for our great country, we packed him up and said our goodbyes.  He left for Ft. Sill, Oklahoma March 28, 2009.  We kept in contact over the internet and by phone calls.  He came home on his four day pass at the end of May and we were married.  He went to Iraq June 10, 2009.  We kept in contact through the internet.  He surprised me at Christmas by coming home on leave.  I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas gift.  We even got in one cycle of IUI while he was home.  He left the day before Christmas to return to Iraq with high hopes that we would be starting a family.  Unfortunately, this cycle did not work.  Chadreturned home March 2009 and we were finally reunited once more. 

After several IUI attempts, our reproductive endocrinologist recommended that InVitro fertilization would be our best bet for having the family that we so desperately want.  Chad and I both make a steady income. We don’t live extravagantly but are comfortable with the things that we need in our life.  We give to our church and give to others who are in need.  We live and love our happy life but really want to complete it with children.   We looked into private adoption which is more expensive than IVF.  Then, we enrolled in classes to become foster parents. We finished classes in September 2010 and are waiting for the department of children’s services to do our home study.  We hope to also adopt a child in the foster system and help a few out along the way.   IVF was out of our reach until we heard about INCIID.  A high school friend of mine also received a scholarship and told me about it.  We applied in July 2010 and received the exciting email in October 2010 that we were finalist for from INCIID the heart scholarship.  This is such a blessing to us.  We look forward to raising funds and infertility awareness. 

We recently found out that Chad will be redeployed to Afghanistan in January 2012.  This puts us into slight time constraints.  We look forward to this journey with each other and INCIID.  God has blessed us in so many ways.  Thank you for taking the time to read our story.  If you can help with INCIID’s fund raising to support this program, it would be sincerely appreciated.

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