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Diane Michelsen, J.D., MSW

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Diane Michelsen, MSW, JD (Attorney, Of counsel) has found her calling in the family formation field. Licensed to practice law in California and Hawaii, she also has a Masters degree in Social Work and has practiced family counseling and mediation. Her optimistic, innovative and “can do” approach has led to her recognition as a groundbreaking leader in the family formation field.  She continues to be actively involved with the Family Formation practice.

Diane  is a California based attorney who has been in practice since 1980.  She has served as President, Vice President and Board Member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, and as Chairperson of its Assisted Reproductive Committee.  Additionally, she has served five terms as President of the Academy of California Adoption Lawyers.  She is also an adoptive MOM with an ever developing and increasing sense of humor and perspective.  

Before becoming an attorney, Diane was an adoption social worker, and an adoption and foster care consultant to various county and state agencies.  In addition to her law degree, Diane has a Masters in Social Welfare.  She has worked with over 5000 birth parents, assisted in over 2000 adoptions. She has presented to the State Bar, State Legislature and adoption groups and has authored a number of articles.       

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