An Update from Kaitlin and Scott's IVF Scholarship Experience


TwinsIn late 2013, after many months of treatments and medications, my husband and I were blessed with the gift of a positive pregnancy test.  The coming weeks, blessed us with news of a boy/girl twins pregnancy. This blessed event was a dream-come-true. 

Our pregnancy was smooth as we went through testing, ultrasounds, and OBGYN appointments.  However, at 23 weeks everything changed.  What was once our greatest gift turned into the most difficult event of our lives. The day after we became parents to Nora and Hendrik they passed quietly away in our arms.  They lived only 37 short hours. The heartbreak was unbearable.

Immediately after losing our sweet babies, we experienced a plethora of emotions. We searched for a way to heal and make everything better. We had an intense desire for answers to why we lost Nora and Hendrik.  We discovered that I would need an abdominal cerclage. Little did I know that my intense need for answers would also lead me to the exact right place.

In my online research I stumbled upon INCIID.  What was this organization?  Might we be eligible for its IVF scholarship program?  I knew I had to try, so one day in July I began filling out paperwork, gathering documents and writing my story.

In January 2015, I received a call from INCIID (pronounced “inside”) that would change our lives forever.  On the other end of the phone call was Nancy Hemenway, asking me if we were interested in an IVF scholarship.  I was beyond speechless, totally filled with emotion and said, “Yes!”

After working INCIID to meet their fundraising goal, we were matched with Dr. Geoffrey Sher in Las Vegas. We, like many others experiencing infertility, think Dr. Sher is nothing short of a legend.  He is a pioneer in his field and is one of the most magnanimous and generous people.  Dr. Sher is busy, but he makes all of his patients feel like you they are his only patients. Moreover, his absolute confidence in the IVF protocols provides needed support through the procedures.  After some in-depth conversations with Dr. Sher, for the first time we felt enlighted.  The experience lifted an enormous weight from our burdened shoulders. We had hope again.

In September 2015, we headed to Las Vegas for two weeks and our IVF cycle.  The Sher Fertility staff was incredibly reassuring and professional.

On October 4th, 2015 we transferred two high-quality embryos.  At that time, we debated about transferring two embryos but all doctors because of the medical history and loss of our twins. Since I had an abdominal cerclage, the doctors thought the transfer of two embryos was appropriate. Two weeks later we found that we were pregnant-with-twins!

Although a high-risk pregnancy, it was smooth in its entirety.  On on June 1st, 2016 at thirty-seven weeks gestation, we gave birth to our beautiful and healthy twins: Eleanor Scotland and Emilia Katherine,

We owe a debt of gratitude to both INCIID and Sher Fertility for their work, understanding, support and incredible generosity.  You truly changed the course of our lives and we cannot thank you enough.  For us, a chapter has closed and another one started.  We face the future with positivity, love and knowing that anything can happen!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Kaitlin and Scott

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