Tara and Nick (Photo and Video)


Nick and I won "Runners up" in a contest out of 119 contestants from all around the United States!! Our story was picked to receive In vitro fertilization cycle as we are struggling with infertility. You go into infertility with the expectations of having a child but not thinking you could possibly lose your life. We saved over twenty thousand dollars for our previous cycle and everything went wrong.... 
 We gave up our life to do the this cycle; We sold our home and my beloved horses. We sold many of our personal belongings. We even moved in with my parents. Instead of a real chance at pregnancy - we came home empty handed with a slew of medical bills from complications that threatened my life.

I severely hyperstimulated and developed other serious complications from my first cycle of IVF treatment. I could very easily have lost my life. I was very sick. We ended up losing our embryo (baby) that was transferred to me. We were evastated.. We traveled to St.Louis Mo to have the procedure done. After the procedure we flew home.  I immediately went to the emergency room where I was treated with such kindness. I was severely dehydrated. After multiple tests injectable blood thinners were ordered I was diagnosed with Hyponatremia  (A life-threatening condition that occurs when the level of sodium in your blood is abnormally low) and severe OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome). My ovaries were the size of large baking potatoes due to this and at the same time I was also at risk for Ovarian Torsion.

Our Story
Nick and I have been together since 2003 we met while in high school and have been together ever since. We are so blessed to receive this gift for a second chance with a skilled Dr who will not put my life in danger. After watching our video entry Dr Geoffrey Sher, of Sher institutes decided he wanted to take us under his wing to make sure the right treatment was given to us. We didn't win the cycle at SIRM but we were recommended to the From INCIID the Heart IVF Scholarship Program. Our application was accepted. As part of the program scholarship recipients are asked to commit to fund raise $3500 as part of our commitment to keep the program going and paying it forward so others can benefit.  
It's been a emotional overwhelming experience we are so happy and excited to get started with our pay it forward!!! We plan to spread awareness and raise money for the INCIID program that donated so much to us. The average IVF cycle has a $20,000 dollar price tag.  After a few months we've almost reached our goal of $3500. Please help us finalize our goal with a donation to INCIID. Be sure to write in Nick and Tara when you donate.  We also want to thank Sher Fertility for their generosity.  Thank you INCIID for this amazing opprotunity!! Thank you for taking the time to read our story. Please watch our video.

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