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Should You Go Back To Your Nursing Career After Having Children?

Nurses continuing their high tech education after having children

Should You Go Back To Your Nursing Career After Having Children?

For some women – and some men too – there is a choice to be made. Should they continue in their careers, pushing forward and seeing their ambitions come to fruition, or should they put everything on hold and have a family? This can be a very hard decision to make, but whatever the final choice, it needs to be the right one for that person or couple at that time.

In some cases, the idea might be that the parent who chooses to stay home for a time (either a few months or a number of years) will go back to their careers when the child is old enough. This can be a simple thing to do if you work in an area like retail or have a customer-facing role, or can even be something that is done from home. If you are a nurse, however, this might be a difficult option; so many changes and moves on in such a short time (which is why nurses should always strive to keep learning) that just a few months can mean that they are out of touch with new ideas. After a few years, they might not know enough to go back confidently.

This can put some very good nurses off returning to a job they loved. However, there are a number of excellent reasons to go back into nursing once you have taken a break from it to have a family, and reading about them might persuade you to try it. If you were a nurse and you loved what you did when you have the chance to go back you should take it. Here are some useful things to consider:

More Money

One of the biggest reasons why many parents choose to return to work when they are able to after having children is the financial factor. Not working is clearly going to mean a big dip in the family’s finances, and in today’s world it is unusual to be able to manage on just one salary, and that’s assuming that both parents are together and that at least one is working. This may not be the case at all, and in single-parent households having a job is even more important in order to provide for the family.

If you feel that you need to bring more money into the household and you are a fully qualified nurse, the solution is a simple one; go back to doing a job you enjoy and you will be able to contribute to the family’s expenses. If you are starting to think in this way, although you might be nervous about going back or leaving the children for the first time, it may well be a sign that you are ready for this new step. There are plenty of options when it comes to childcare (and if the children are of school age then it is a simpler thing to organize anyway) so don’t let this be a barrier; think of what you need to do that is best for you and everyone around you. If that is going back to work to provide for the family, so be it.

The issue that could be taking up space in your mind is that nursing has a reputation for being paid poorly. However, there are ways to ensure a nursing career pays fairly well, including working towards promotion by studying with online DNP programs. The more you can do while you are at home with your children, the better your career will be when you get back to work. Think of this time at home as a chance to hone your skills and direct your career path in the way you want so that by the time you are able to return to work, you are where you want to be.

You Will Receive Additional Benefits

When you are working, you will receive additional benefits that you are not going to get when you are staying at home. If these are important, then the only way to ensure you can rely on getting them is to go back to your nursing job. These benefits could include:

  • Health insurance
  • Dental
  • Childcare
  • 401(k)
  • Bonuses
  • Training

The benefits you will receive when you are working as a nurse will differ depending on what level you are at, so again, this could be a reason to get further ahead before you return by studying at home. Some of the benefits may even include your family, so again they are well worth considering.

The wonderful thing about nursing is that it is vital, meaning there is always going to be a job out there for you. Because nurses are in demand, you may even be able to negotiate flexible working hours which means you can be there for your children when they need you, and work when they are at school or at clubs and extra-curricular activities. A private nurse would be able to determine their own hours, but even in a clinic or hospital, you should be able to have some say over when you work. This is an extra benefit that you might not have considered but that you should discuss when you go for an interview.

You Will Gain A Social Life

Having children is a wonderful thing if that is your choice in life. If you want to be a parent, you can do so and enjoy every moment. However, there are sacrifices that are going to need to be made, and that includes losing some or all of your social life for a little while at least. It is hard to go out with friends as you once used to when you have small children to look after. This can mean that some parents become isolated and rather lonely, especially if they have been used to a busy social life or a busy workplace.

Restarting your nursing career could be an excellent way of starting to make friends (or even interact with old friends again if you go back to the same job you left when you had your children) and socializing once more. It’s an ideal way to prevent loneliness and be with other adults for at least a few hours a day, and this can make the world of difference. You may even find you can be a better parent when you can step away for a little while and interact better with others.

It is important to have a life away from your children in order to have a good balance. You will be able to find yourself and realize your own personality once again, and even be called by a name other than ‘mom’. Having this freedom and individuality back again is something that many parents crave, and if you can gain this while working in one of the most rewarding and exciting jobs there is, you will love it even more. Make the most of your time with your children and make the most of your time away from them – this is the kind of balance that makes everyone happy.

Plus, your children aren’t going to be with you forever. As much as you might not want to think about them growing up and moving away, this is what usually happens, and if you don’t have any friends or a job to go to, you will find you are even lonelier and, to be put simply, you will be bored too.

Have You Planned For It?

The question of whether or not you should go back to your nursing career after having children is one that can only be answered by the person asking it. Only you will know how you really feel about the idea, and only you will know how important it is to you to either be with your children all the time or take time to enhance your career. In many cases, there is no right or wrong answer; it is always entirely down to you.

If you’re considering going back to nursing and you have young children as well, you will need to plan for the event. This planning can help you to determine whether or not you are ready to return, so it is doubly important. You will soon know what is going to work for you and whether or not you can take the next step or whether you should wait a little longer.

Another reason for planning your potential return to nursing is that you are going to be busy. Taking care of babies and toddlers, and even school-age children, doesn’t leave a lot of spare time, and if you don’t plan when you can, you might find that you are ready to go back to nursing but that you have failed to put any plans in place with regards to childcare or additional learning or anything else that you are going to need to think about.

Something you can really think about when you are planning your return to nursing is how you see your career developing. Were you happy with where you were before? Would you like to do more? Would you like to work in a different department? What do you need to know now that you didn’t know then, and how can you find this knowledge? Online courses are ideal as you can study at your own pace when you have time, rather than having to commit to attending physical classes which will have its own problems revolving around childcare and so on.

You Should Be Able To Choose Where You Work

For many, the worry about returning to work, whether they have been at home raising their families for a matter of months or for many years, is that they may have to start spending a lot of their day commuting in order to get to and from their new place of work. This can add many hours to the day in some cases and can mean that childcare becomes more difficult to arrange, and more expensive when it can be organized. This can, of course, be off-putting, and they might choose to stay at home instead (assuming they don’t have to work for financial reasons) or choose a different career that will allow them to work closer to home.

This can be disappointing and problematic.

Yet with nursing, it probably won’t even be something you need to think about. No matter where you live, there is sure to be a hospital or clinic relatively close to you, and it is likely that they will be looking for new nurses. Nurses are in short supply, and hospitals and other medical settings will always be looking for those who have the right qualifications and experience. Even if you can’t see that they are hiring, it is worth getting in touch with the hiring manager when you are ready to return to work and giving them your resume. You might be exactly who they are looking for.

Even if that idea doesn’t pan out, you can still take your pick when you have a nursing degree. Alternatively, if there really is no job opening anywhere nearby, you could think about private nursing, or working in a seniors’ home. There are many options so don’t limit yourself if you want to go back to work.

Will It Meet Your Expectations? Can You Reach Your Goals?

There are many questions you are going to need to ask yourself before you head back into the world of work. One of these questions, one that many won’t consider, is whether or not the job and working, in general, is going to meet your expectations. Are you looking for work simply because you need a break from being a parent, or do you really want to work? Have you got an image in your head of what it will be like when you return to work that, in reality, just won’t be the case?

In other words, will working again meet your expectations or will you find that you didn’t need or want to go back at all?

This is an important question and one that might be hard to answer initially. This is why a return to work should never be rushed and why you should only do what you feel is right, and not what you think other people expect from you.

Everyone has goals in life, and it is important to strive towards them where you can. However, remember these are your goals and no one else’s; just because someone else would go back to work, or stay at home with their children, or work part-time, or even change careers, doesn’t mean you have to do the same. You need to follow your own path, and if returning to your nursing career is the right thing for you to do, then you should definitely do it.

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