Chat Log for March 18, 2015 Special Education Webinar (ESY)

Chat Log: These are questions that Brice Palmer answered during the March 18, 2015 meeting. To hear his answers, please listen to the recording.

Brice will answer your questions and any other questions on the Advocacy Forum

Laura: I am Curious as to why a parent would request ESY during the school year?

Why not ask for an IEP meeting to add more services, or hours or tutoring?

Catherine:  Ohio just put out information that if the child can recoup skills within 6 weeks, they don’t have to receive ESY. Would you comment in this?

Jessica: Please comment: I’ve heard a School districts say that they tested the child before let’s say Christmas break and right after. The school district says the child’s numbers (grades, test scores etc.) are too high to offer ESY. They feel he doesn’t need to recoup since there was no regression.

Lauren: Can ESY allow the teaching of new skills in addition to remedial skills? Specifically, if a child is failing math, can next year’s skills be added to ESY or IEP?
Kelly: Is it easy to find the ESY information in IDEA? 
Terri: If services on an IEP were not provided (as in speech services) can the School District try to say they have no data so they don’t know if there is a need?

 (INCIID): ESY is provided if the IEP Team determines, on an individual basis, that the services are necessary for the provision of FAPE to the child. ESY services must be provided at no cost to parents in accordance with the standards of the State educational agency (SEA). 34 CFR §300.106.

Kim: This is my first time here… THANK YOU …This is awesome

Geri: I have a student who was exited from an IEP in 2014. He fell under the Autism Category. He clearly has been documented as Autistic.  The School District says he’s accessing the curriculum. The parents unfortunately signed in agreement but then changed their minds. The School District put a 504 plan together.

The parents asked for a full psycho-educational evaluation. This was completed.  The IEP meeting started and the district IEP special education staff left the table before the meeting finished. The parents asked that the IEP be reconvened when all were present.

After a month or more there has been no rescheduling of the IEP. The school staff asked to have a 504 meeting.. Since ESY is a special education service, can we still ask for ESY. The child needs services. Sorry for the lengthy question.

Kaley:  Is it possible to successfully argue to work on the next IEP goals (assuming IEP changed during school year) if the child was super successful meeting the goal and objectives? I would want ESY services if possible?

Judy: What about getting counseling services due to poor language pragmatics. The School District says NO to counseling Can you get counseling through a 504 plan? If so how do we go about asking?  

Pam Thank you again…This was amazing!
Judy: Thank you for all your wise help!

Kelly: If the School District has a copy of a letter where I mocked them or was aggressive, how can I correct this to get them to move on? Can I smooth things over? If so, how do you suggest I go about this?
I was actually trying to help a family but they threw me under the bus, thinking it would help their child. It didn’t but the damage was done. I think you are saying, forgive myself, and move on…don’t apologize, but be professional.

Judy: This is very helpful and so needed!
Patty:  Can I get a copy of the Power Point? Thank you.
Penny: Thanks so much
Patty: Do you have a link for this 24 week program I can share?

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