Trauma and its Impact (Presentation by Marcie Cohen, LCSW)


Many INCIID consumers consider adding to their families through adoption. The attachment and bonding with a child who enters your family through adoption will be different. Sometimes children have significant trauma histories. Sometimes our consumers have children under difficult birth circumstances and there is medical trauma. If you have a child who has experienced any kind of early trauma including medical trauma, or who has witnessed domestic violence, or maybe your child is internationally adopted, or adopted from foster care or you are a foster parent; you may want to look through this presentation. Early childhood trauma can mean significant issues with a child's education. These issues or behavior are very often misunderstood. Marcie Cohen is a social worker in a major Northern Virginia school district. Fairfax County Public Schools are informing their staff, teachers and parents about the importance of trauma sensitivity and awareness.

A presentation from Marcie Cohen, MSW, LCSW during a special education conference for Fairfax County Public Schools in Northern Virginia on March 1, 2014


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