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Hormones and Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: 
Low-­-Dose Effects and Nonmonotonic Dose Responses
This FAQ by Pete Myers

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If you have a study you would like us to announce, please contact us.

6 years 1 week ago

Regarding the human egg: How old is too old? Perhaps we are asking the wrong question. Remember the psychological argument about nature vs. nurture? Let’s rephrase the topic altogether. How can we help women in their mature reproductive years produce healthy children? I propose that the answer is found in the nature vs. nurture discussion. Nurturing the follicle in the 120 days before ovulation will produce a healthy egg, free of transmutation, free of the need for medical intervention.

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An audio visual education module and detailed primer on male infertility, its origins, anatomy and physiology and treatment.

6 years 2 weeks ago

A process that could markedly improve pregnancy rates from In Vitro-Fertilization (IVF) was reported in a study published in the prestigious medical journal Fertility and Sterility (F&S).


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