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Healthcare: Essential Components

Demonstration of People with Disabilities

Demonstration of People with DisabilitiesThere are 10 essential components mandated by the Affordable Care Act. Review them here. The Senate and House Bill could cut those benefits as well as Medicaid funding. Medicaid funders may step out early if this bill passes. If they do leave early, the repercussions of the cuts will be felt immediately. Learn about how this will affect your personal situation. Take the mini health care course here. This mini course explains the philosophies of healthcare and teaches about the four models used globally in  other countries.

Medicaid funds 64% of seniors in nursing homes. Medicaid funds healthcare for 20% of all United States Citizens. One of every five people uses Medicaid.  Almost 50% of children with disabilities are on Medicaid. 

Medicaid keeps seniors, the disabled and children with disabilities in their homes instead of institutionalizing them. Medicaid actually saves the states money by keeping the disabled and/or seniors in their homes with waivers to help with care.