A Day in the Life of a Fertility Nurse

Fertility Nurse

Fertility NurseWalking into work with a coffee in my hand, I prepare for the day. We get a variety of patients which is what I love about my job. We see so many patients and each person has a different story. I cannot wait to see what happens for each one of them.

My first task for the day is to read my email. I check email often and often respond late into the evening. When I check again I find someone sent me a picture of their new baby, another letting me know their pregnancy test was negative and another ecstatic but worried with a positive pregnancy test. There are the ups and the downs. We are consummate professionals but still as we watch you going through the emotional and taxing fertility journey, we empathize with all the different emotions and the pain. This fertility excursion is a tough one but we continue with lots of hugs, medical advice and even tears of joy and sorrow.

Next, I answer a phone call from a nervous patient who just had her initial consultation with the doctor last week. She is scared and has no idea what to do. This is where I step in with a chipper voice (at least most of the time. After working for six years in the field I sometimes drink too much coffee or talk incredibly fast however, I get you! I am here to help every step of the way. Give me your hand, I am here to hold it.

I can help get the bloodwork done, or the ultrasound. I work with the reproductive team to figure out why you cannot get pregnant. I will not think badly of you, or think your questions are stupid or silly. I shall always want to talk to you. My desire, almost as much as yours, is that we help you build your family and get you out of our office as soon as possible. We hold your time with us is short but even as you leave the offices I still want to hear from you. I want to hear from you every day throughout pregnancy and hope you remember me as fondly as I remember you. Invested in your care, I want to learn about you. Talk to me about your dog, cat, parrot, life, job, plans, and favorite Netflix shows. I am here for you, your comfort and for support. Fertility care is so personal and we think of you as part of our family.

Patient care is what I love the most. When you come for ultrasounds, I cheer on your growing follicles and lining of your uterus. If we need a “Plan B” or another option, I support your need to talk, to lean on me, to cry or to give you a hug.

I am there to be sure you have your cycle calendar or have medications schedule straight. You have my email if you need to contact me after hours. I am here to help.

As I send you out the door with instructions to see me soon another woman is in the waiting room.

I am off to assist the doctor with an insemination or transfer some gorgeous embryos to a waiting uterus. I love seeing the smile on a encouraged face when we finish.

Unfortunately, the nature of fertility treatment brings heartache too. When we see you suffer through miscarriages or failed cycles. I hope you know that we know these experiences are hard for you. They are also hard on us. We also get discouraged.

We want this to work for you, so badly. We hate making “the calls” where we must tell you of a negative pregnancy test almost as much as you hate getting them. All we want for you is to have your dream of family.

We are grateful for the good calls we can make. I jump up and down when we get positive lab results right there at the FAX machine and then again with you when we make the call to let you know your treatment worked.  What I love the most is the blessing of seeing or hearing your reaction: the joyful tears, screaming and even disbelieving silence.

When your dream of having a family is coming to fruition – what a blessing to be allowed to be part of that event.

It is my pleasure love to help you create and build your family, to overcome what often seems to be an insurmountable barrier. That is what working in the fertility industry means to me.


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