Fordham Study – Emotional Impact of Multiple Miscarriages on Men

Fordham Study – Emotional Impact of Multiple Miscarriages on Men

This article is part of the June 2006 INCIID Insights Newsletter

Multiple Miscarriage Study- Participants Needed

An Investigation of the Emotional Effects of Multiple Miscarriages on Men


Fordham University

Ms. Erica Tennenbaum, a Doctoral Candidate at Fordham University’s Counseling Psychology Department is currently working on her dissertation research, which focuses on multiple miscarriages (i.e. three or more miscarriages). She is investigating men’s psychological and emotional experiences following their partner’s multiple miscarriages. Although there is some research that exists focusing on the effects of miscarriage, none focus on men’s experience with multiple miscarriages.  She hopes to add new insights on men’s experiences and perspective during and after multiple miscarriages.

Currently, she is in the early phases of the study and is starting to recruit participants.  Thus, if you or someone you know has suffered at least three miscarriages, does not have any living children, and is interested in participating in the study please contact Ms. Tennenbaun via e-mail at

Both men and women will be asked to participate in the study.  Women will be asked to complete a short written questionnaire.  Men will be asked to partake in an in-person or phone interview with the primary research investigator. Each couple will receive $100 after they have completed their participation. All information provided would be kept confidential and the couple would not be identified as participants in any publication that results from the study.

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