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  1. test
  2. Zyrtec side effects?
  3. Pictures of Alexis playing soccer yesterday (m-pics)
  4. Joining the cult of American Girl - questions...
  5. Any way to get back to "old" boards?
  6. Remember my babysitter applicant with the conviction? Update
  7. Help! Anyone familiar with dysgraphia? (xpost, m)
  8. B-day sleepover for 9 year olds
  9. Has anyone ever taken their child OUT of Kindergarten?
  10. Reward chart inequalities
  11. Home school moms...learning to read curriculum?
  12. How much do you pay for a child's haircut? (m)
  13. Puppy/Kitty In MY Pocket Toy...
  14. Can I just say - I REALLY don't like what kids sports have become...
  15. 3yo says her pee is hot
  16. Overcoming shyness....
  17. The Tooth Fairy is going to be busy tonight!
  18. Slings ... (other kids)
  19. I'm slowly pulling out my hair...
  20. Anyone need a pirate costume???
  21. Birthday Party WWYD
  22. Feeling like a bit (ok a lot) of a Halloween Grinch...
  23. Car Seat Question
  24. CD ideas needed for 10 yr old dd
  25. DD writes all her letters upside down
  26. BamBam... Are you around??? Question for you...
  27. Doe.....
  28. Old carseat....give away? Trash?....
  29. halloween trade
  30. 7 year old dd is losing clothes at school...
  31. What happened to my sweet girl? pg ment
  32. So Upset ... Our au pair doesn't like us!
  33. Having such a hard time finding child care
  34. Had a long talk with au pair (m)
  35. Biscuit... how is the head?
  36. Finally bought a convertible car seat
  37. Soccer dilemma
  38. Really nasty diaper rash! Raw and blistering... (m)
  39. Any experience with swollen saliva glands?
  40. Carseat recommendation........m
  41. Sick kids in Tripletland
  42. Gymboree - buy by height or weight?
  43. Diaper Rash Update! (m)
  44. two invites for hallowe'en night - WWYD?
  45. What age to let kids play in neighborhood?
  46. Candy in the evening and my ds just don't mix
  47. leaving children in the car
  48. Exchanging Birthday Presents with distant relatives
  49. Au pair update - she's staying!
  50. Need help w/discipline for talking back...
  51. Advice on idea for teachers' surprise please!
  52. Any recs for a good book for a 5 yo about where babies come from? (m)
  53. Preschool issues for 3 yr. old
  54. Booster seat rec?
  55. Lurker looking for GREAT Halloween book...
  56. Our 8 yo DS was approached by a pedophile...
  57. Soccer update - I am so mad!
  58. How do you help kids with impulse control
  59. How old is too old for a doll/barbie house?
  60. Want smaller non-shedding dog that's good with kids
  61. Need book recommendation for 5yo DD.
  62. Behavior therapist update - impulsivity in 5 1/2 yr old
  63. The downside to kids learning to read
  64. Got note home about DS behaviour in class.
  65. Any ideas for helping a child distinguish b from d?? and reading!
  66. I am embarrassed to share this but DD got suspended yesterday...
  67. What do you think of this letter to dd's teacher?
  68. WWYD - fever and elementary school....
  69. Donna72
  70. Here we go with Halloweeen (sibs)
  71. anyone have experience with child with voiding dysfunction
  72. AAP Reco regarding Plastics (m)
  73. Favorite games for age 5-6....
  74. Costume Parade! :::post your Halloween pics here:::
  75. Link to Flu Shot Chart...
  76. When was your child able to write own name?
  77. Please help with birthday party....
  78. Can you recommend computer software for a preschooler
  79. Hey Doe.....
  80. The old "scheduling the party" dilemma
  81. I'm a nervous wreck
  82. What is the Target knock-off American Girl called?
  83. Could you please vote on Morgans picture for this halloween contest?
  84. Bully is DS class
  85. Any popular DS games for girls age 5-6?
  86. It went Well!
  87. Trouble/guilt comparing my kids...
  88. Posting Alexis' school picture (3rd grade)
  89. Haivng my not quite 2 y/o tested for allergies via blood draw
  90. The race for a good holiday card it on (ideas needed!)
  91. I need December bday ideas that don't cost a fortune!
  92. Any suggestions appreciated
  93. Gymboree coupons
  94. Looking for a ride on toy for 2 year old...m
  95. Could this be a seizure?
  96. Soo my 16 yr old son smoked POT today at home before school!
  97. jknyc thanks...
  98. First Conference with ds teacher this Friday.
  99. Hope someone is around, my 7 year old got suspended today
  100. Thanks for the input about dogs - ? to rescuers
  101. So is the age of 7 really that bad???
  102. Any opinions on Butterscotch, Smores or the new (m)
  103. Anyone know about/reviews on Bokugon?
  104. Road trip ideas needed
  105. followup road trip ? - food
  106. Why do I still bother with movies for my 5 yo? (m)
  107. Britax Marathon on sale for $42 w/ free shipping at Target on-line! (m)
  108. So... we were heading home from Disney
  109. Christmas question...
  110. Anyone have the leapfrog clickstart first computer?
  111. Tips for removing a splinter?
  112. My 2nd grade DD is getting headaches...
  113. Thanks for the Bokugon info...
  114. Anyone know about the Leapster 2? (m) ...
  115. Toys for a 3 1/2 year old??
  116. Do dads get the "easier" jobs at your homes?
  117. Okay, so how about the Didj...
  118. I'm looking for info on possible ADHD
  119. Game ideas needed for 3 year old and 7 year old
  120. This is a big day for me... (kids ment)
  121. Nintendo DS lite
  122. DS had something "fall into" his bag at preschool.
  123. Help: food allergy nightmare
  124. Ok, 5 days into major snow and I am sick of
  125. Help please! Teething... (kind of gross)
  126. WWYD? 5yr olds won't go to b-day parties...
  127. DS hates shoes and socks right now...ugh
  128. leapfrog 30% off code
  129. If anyone can find Bakugan starter sets
  130. Second-grade twins HATE going anywhere ...
  131. Opinion on Life Size Groovy Girl
  132. Sibling issues
  133. What to do about a 7 1/2 yr old who doesn't believe in Santa
  134. So cute ... my 9.5 yr old still believes in the tooth fairy! (m) ...
  135. Advice on development of 10 mo old nephew
  136. Does anyone have Bendaroos??
  137. Bakugan battle pack in stock at Amazon
  138. Do any of you do "The Elf on the Shelf" with
  139. Need gift ideas for tweenaged boys...
  140. 10 yr old DS Having NightMares/Nightwalking/Vomitting???
  141. My almost 19 month old EXHAUSTS me.
  142. siblings and American Girl question
  143. girls underwear help needed
  144. Best toy for indoor basketball practice for a 7 y.o. boy?
  145. Barfing child etiquette question
  146. Gift ideas for 3 month old twin girls...m
  147. Is there a boy equivalent of AG dolls?
  148. Nice neighborhood boy left out of bday party.
  149. Are dots on throat always strep?
  150. Biting clothes (sib ment)
  151. I need some advice, potentially sensitive SN issue
  152. Speed stacking???
  153. No coddling here!
  154. ISO on help for 5 yo re: new baby arriving
  155. Doe.....
  156. How much do you pay for teeth cleaning?
  157. Parenting book suggestions wanted
  158. I guess you'd better stock up on Bratz
  159. Holiday gift or bonus for daycare provider?
  160. Does anyone remember that letter re: IF
  161. Update on DS's after school problem
  162. Holidays: What do you give your au pair?
  163. DD gave her gymnastics medal away at school
  164. Need input on chalkboard christmas present concept
  165. Need advice for my son who wants to copy
  166. Need some book recomendations, pleas (pet death)
  167. Sealants on baby molars
  168. Targets AG knockoffs...
  169. pain with top 2 adult teeth coming in
  170. Need a NICE hotel near Yardley, PA
  171. Great website for emailing Santa...
  172. Magazine suggestions for 12 YO girl?
  173. 2nd grade dd needs help with math facts (m)
  174. xmas present dilema...
  175. WWYD? SIL has my kids pics on her wide open facebook...
  176. DD gets under pack n play mattress...any ideas?
  177. Is the polar express a christian christmas movie?
  178. This is a copy of the email I sent my boys' teachers
  179. any thoughts on this? (m)
  180. Blood sugar questions ...
  181. Followup - this is the note I got from the teacher
  182. FREE phone call to Santa
  183. Kindergarten holiday party activity
  184. Has anyone done the ISR swim lessons?...
  185. Movie resolution
  186. Second grade homework too hard for me ...
  187. pepperlc, Some "Polar Express" trivia for you.
  188. Question about accepting or decling formal invite (with kids)
  189. Molar question for 9 year old..m
  190. Do you think I am overreacting?...m
  191. Anyone else's kids get pneumonia a lot?
  192. At what age can you use low back boosters?
  193. Birthday invite/non-invite etiquette question...
  194. Disney Pix Click Camera- Need 7 1/2yro gift ideas! (m)
  195. Another on presents
  196. LF resources to prepare ds (death, cancer ment)
  197. Do I move the girls to a bed? The same room?
  198. Any thoughts on suspected food allergy?
  199. Another birthday party present vent...
  200. Thanks and a quick RSV update...m
  201. Chronic stomach aches
  202. Anybody else's kid wrestle?
  203. DH hates his job and can't find a new one
  204. My 2.5 yo just washed out his own mouth with soap
  205. Pre-School teacher complained about my ds.
  206. WWYD -- class volunteer situation?
  207. What would you do - preschool question about another child
  208. Just wanted to share a story- so proud of my dd!
  209. How much resemblance do you see in this pic
  210. Anyone ever had pink eye before?
  211. The birthday party went well...
  212. What do you do when someone brings a sick child
  213. Movie recommendations?
  214. anywhere to find knock-off crocs?
  215. Major toy vent
  216. Did anyone get glitter lava for Christmas?
  217. ladies..can you recommend a baby swing?
  218. Can you please give me some recs on a convertible carseat?
  219. We got the Wii (sibs)
  220. Would you feel guilty about this? long
  221. kids bday presents (sibs)
  222. what chores do your kids do? (m)
  223. kids, TV & electronics - your thoughts? (m)
  224. UGG...anyone else unahppy with cupcake maker or pixos?
  225. As a follow up to the Movie Recommendation thread.....m
  226. 13 years I've been a parent...1st broken bone...
  227. Ben and Kate are doing their first sleepover tonite
  228. I am buying the twins (5yo) luggage today.
  229. cheerios and milk for new year's eve dinner? (m)
  230. Disney World of Fantasy on Ice... is it worth going?
  231. questions on bunkbeds, twins and sibs sharing rooms
  232. 7 yera old daughter not eating, losing weight
  233. Parents of bed wetters
  234. Any Britax (or other) booster seat sales going on? (xpost from PNO)
  235. Is this too early for potty training???
  236. Pregnant teacher (pg ment obviously)
  237. Does this schedule sound too busy for a 7yr old?
  238. Resume help needed....
  239. New Safety Rules for Used/New Clothing?
  240. Any experience with major dental work on a 6 year old?
  241. Thank you for responses to 7yr old busy schedule post...
  242. I need help explaining my cats illness to my children
  243. Paino lessons for kids (sibs)
  244. At what age do kids outgrow Little people toys??
  245. Playmobile question related to below post (m)
  246. 2 piece girls bathing suits where you buy the top
  247. Great book especially for girls
  248. PS. Playmobil on clearance at Target!
  249. How much would this irk you, if at all?
  250. Please tell me some of the best/most fun kid birthday parties