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  1. What to do with extra PAC money?
  2. Dems push for benefits to start by 2010
  3. Newt: Hoffman support a 'mistake'
  4. Pawlenty: Obama projecting 'weakness'
  5. Obama to troops: I won't rush decision
  6. Gulf govs. push European defense bid
  7. New WaPo poll: McDonnell up 11
  8. Deeds: I didn't push the president away
  9. N.Y. 23 race an early 2012 test
  10. Despite W.H. worries, Reid rolls dice
  11. House Dems use bill for EPA exemptions
  12. Critics warm to Boxer's climate role
  13. Republicans ask: Where's the outrage?
  14. Obama to announce smart grid plans
  15. Rivals shy away from Grayson
  16. Closed-door health care reform decried
  17. GOP taps veterans for Afghan advice
  18. Liberals to Obama: Time to step up
  19. Palin pitches for RGA
  20. Gates speaks for foreign aid
  21. Palin got $1.25 million for book
  22. Polls: Big GOP lead in Va., N.J. tight
  23. Fred to Newt: We're not 'deaf, dumb'
  24. Dems trump Obama's green agenda
  25. Democrats downplay Lieberman threat
  26. Obama tries to rally Dems for Deeds
  27. Mainstream Media keeps losing ground
  28. Political ink fetches little paper
  29. U.S. in need of tech reboot
  30. Data on new jobs due out Friday
  31. Coakley leads pack despite blip
  32. Obama legacy defense gets early start
  33. Levi says, 'Now its my turn'
  34. Hagel, Boren tapped for intel board
  35. Local website to launch in D.C.
  36. FEC puts Obama in a bind
  37. Palin hits Levi, CBS
  38. Biden popularity fades as role expands
  39. 'Defaced flag' video is finalist in contest
  40. Pelosi set to unveil health reform bill
  41. Gibbs meets Fox exec
  42. Richardson case sent to ethics panel
  43. W.H. blasts AP story on stimulus jobs
  44. Obama's off-schedule late-night trip
  45. Palin's speaking fee irks Iowa GOP-ers
  46. Obama pollster helps boost Corzine
  47. Graham frustrated with Gitmo stalls
  48. 'Wasteful' weapons systems eliminated
  49. Attack sets grim tone in Pakistan
  50. House health debate hits crunch time
  51. RNC details 'party-building' spurt
  52. W.H. cautious on new economic figures
  53. Pelosi starts clock on House health bill
  54. Christie: 'Man up and say I'm fat'
  55. POLITICO interview: Gov. Jack Markell
  56. In shift, GOP leaders embrace Hoffman
  57. Pentagon pressed on IEDs in Afghan
  58. Boxer pushes ahead with climate bill
  59. Clinton has tough sell in Pakistan
  60. Huckabee hearts no one in N.Y. 23rd
  61. Poll: Race views unchanged by election
  62. Opt-in divides Schumer and Emanuel
  63. Gibbs recounts trip to Dover
  64. Obama claims stimulus saved 1 million jobs
  65. Liberals don't bolt from Pelosi bill
  66. VIDEO: POLITICO Playback
  67. Steele: Hoffman win is a GOP win
  68. Senate panel faces partisan climate war
  69. White House proves a popular destination
  70. Grayson: FOX News is stalking me
  71. Cheney: Wilson mission 'Amateur Hour'
  72. TPM joins the pool and makes a splash
  73. Newsom drops out of Cali. gov race
  74. Saved or created? W.H. can't tell
  75. Ad firm suing Grayson
  76. Clinton turns to Israel and Palestine
  77. Obama: Economy report a 'good sign'
  78. NYC race tests Obama's zeal for change
  79. This week in playback
  80. This week in video
  81. Sunday talk show tip sheet
  82. A profile in courage, it isn't
  83. Base sends GOP warning shot in NY-23
  84. Fiasco: N.Y. Republicans deliver again
  85. Jarrett: GOP 'more and more extreme'
  86. Abdullah withdraws from runoff
  87. Excerpts: 'The Audacity to Win'
  88. Abdullah withdraws from runoff
  89. Rush: Obama a 'radical leader,' 'child'
  90. Fearlessly fighting on Fox
  91. Obama puts prestige on line for Corzine
  92. HRC Mideast message seems to backfire
  93. Winning Dede: How Dems got her nod
  94. As votes near, insurers make last stand
  95. Obama shepherds health bill
  96. A who's who of health care reform
  97. Conservatives take aim at leaders, Crist, other races
  98. Critics raise concerns at Commerce
  99. Is Wall Street really so sorry?
  100. Polls: Hoffman leads in New York 23
  101. Boehner regrets Scozzafava support
  102. Michelle launches mentoring program
  103. 'Back down to earth' for W.H. diplomacy
  104. Senate eyes jobless aid, home credit
  105. Obama taps Hollywood headliners
  106. Uncivil War: Conservatives to challenge a dozen GOP candidates
  107. Five things to watch in N.Y. 23
  108. W.H. downplays elections' significance
  109. Obama: Time to get to work on jobs
  110. Feds: No true count of Iraq contractors
  111. As Maine goes, so goes gay marriage
  112. Five things to watch in Virginia
  113. Five things to watch in New Jersey
  114. Edelman buys digital advocacy firm
  115. Republicans hope for off-year trifecta
  116. Financial reform fight heats up in House
  117. GOP dominates in Virginia
  118. Christie tops Corzine in New Jersey
  119. Bloomberg gets a scare but wins
  120. Exit polls: Mixed bag for GOP, Dems
  121. Maine vote repeals gay marriage law
  122. Election Day winners and losers
  123. Owens preserves bright spot for Dems
  124. Dems, incumbents get wake-up call
  125. Obama to tout education reform
  126. Poised for another California comeback
  127. Merkel cites close bond with U.S.
  128. Pakistanis split over Taliban crackdown
  129. 'Change has come' ... or has it?
  130. Obama, Emanuel chat with Chamber
  131. Huck: Dede nomination 'a train wreck'
  132. For election insight, Twitter beats cable
  133. W.H.: GOP wins no verdict on Obama
  134. Steele declares 'Republican renaissance'
  135. The second-guessing game: What if?
  136. Obama turns to policy
  137. John Mashek, 1931 - 2009
  138. Obama's best, and worst, moves
  139. Kirk: How can I get Sarah to like me?
  140. Plouffe: W.H. not to blame for losses
  141. Dems pushing assistance for jobless
  142. Conservatives on NY-23: We didn't lose
  143. Gaspard, Barrett huddle amid 2010 buzz
  144. A different crop of 'moderates'
  145. Will Boxer 'go nuclear' on climate bill?
  146. 'We got walloped,' says Virginia Dem; Stay calm, says White House
  147. Election result: Red-state Dems worried, rethink agenda
  148. Veterans groups boost lobbying
  149. Obama marks Iran hostage anniversary
  150. McCain 'angry' over Afghanistan delay
  151. Boehner: 'Rebellion' occurring in U.S.
  152. Obama: Fort Hood shooting 'horrific'
  153. Terrorism amendment dies in Senate
  154. Five observations from Clinton's trip
  155. Lessons learned from gov. races
  156. Obama to visit Walter Reed Friday
  157. GOP's special elections losing streak
  158. W.H. feels pressure on jobs, spending
  159. Dems see lessons in defeat of Deeds
  160. Pelosi still dealing as vote nears
  161. Lamont moves toward gov. run
  162. Native Americans embrace Obama
  163. Query puts Napolitano on the spot
  164. Unemployment tops 10 percent
  165. Obama econ team hits airwaves
  166. White House: Signs of hope, pain
  167. Focus on House wins, counsels Kaine
  168. Palin to speak at Gridiron dinner
  169. W.H.: New measures aren't a stimulus
  170. Hutchison in Fort Hood spotlight
  171. Democrats race to line up 218 votes
  172. GOP mulls stripping Dede of top post
  173. Obama: 'A crime against our nation'
  174. Whipping floor votes into shape
  175. Deeds memo damning in hindsight
  176. Sunday talk show tip sheet
  177. VIDEO: Week in video
  178. Bishops's backing may get health bill to 218
  179. Pelosi: Pro-choice Dems will sign on
  180. Palin: Dems will apply abortion mind-set to elderly
  181. Boehner: 'We're going to do everything we can to try to stop' the bill
  182. POTUS to House Dems: 'Push forward'
  183. Wilson: Blue dogs or lap dogs?
  184. The 'No' list: 30 Democrats so far
  185. VIDEO: Week in Playback
  186. House passes historic health bill
  187. Historic House reform vote begins
  188. Pelosi's day
  189. Pawlenty slams Obama from Iowa
  190. Palin returns to 'death panels'
  191. McDonnell pegs win to Va. issues
  192. Poll shows gloomy view in Calif.
  193. Obama touts health, Iraq 'milestones'
  194. Pelosi's hard push pays off
  195. Lamontagne announces N.H. Senate bid
  196. Huckabee says he's 'very serious'
  197. Steele: Some white GOP 'scared of me'
  198. Polls take Michelle Obama's measure
  199. Rell won't run for re-election
  200. Casey 'concerned' about backlash
  201. Scozzafava loses post
  202. Senate faces abortion rights rift
  203. Huckabee sings Iowa's praises
  204. Jefferson authorizes Louisiana Purchase, Nov. 10, 1803
  205. Ten Senate seats most likely to flip
  206. 10 most interesting showdowns in 2010
  207. GOP tries to play 41-seat pickup
  208. Is China headed toward collapse?
  209. Remarks of President Barack Obama at Fort Hood memorial service
  210. UN chief pushes Senate on climate
  211. Emanuel keeps call for settlement halt
  212. Health vote shatters abortion ceasefire
  213. Jenny Sanford endorses in gov race
  214. GOP sees Ft. Hood as act of terror
  215. Abortion activists call for backup
  216. Health savings? No one knows
  217. Perry: Obama 'hell-bent' on socialism
  218. Scozzafava: GOP attacks were 'vicious'
  219. Rep.'s policy adviser guilty of fraud
  220. In-your-face base aims at Dem, GOP cash
  221. Dobbs quits to 'go beyond' CNN role
  222. Obama plans jobs summit
  223. ACORN sues over funding cut
  224. Dede: GOP not based on 'substance'
  225. Hoffman 'seriously' looking at 2010 bid
  226. Palin: Health bill should be DOA
  227. Administration plans to punish leakers
  228. VIDEO: Palin 'not really into the drama'
  229. Poll: Anti-incumbent sentiment surges
  230. CNN doubles down on straight news
  231. Arena roundup: Dobbs applauded
  232. Rubio keynoting CPAC
  233. Afghan plan to include exit strategy
  234. RNC insurance plan covers abortion
  235. Alaska gov. sits out Obama visit
  236. RNC reviewing health care policy
  237. RNC plan will no longer cover abotions
  238. Reports: Craig to resign
  239. S.C. GOP castigates Lindsey Graham
  240. Obama plans to announce war on deficits in SOTU speech
  241. N.Y. terrorist trials raise stakes
  242. Palin: AP 'erroneously reporting'
  243. Deficit push sets climate bill back
  244. Bauer's credentials challenged
  245. Newt warns of 'destructive' primaries
  246. VIDEO blogging Obama's Asia trip
  247. Bloomberg, Giuliani disagree on trials
  248. Hutchison won't resign Senate seat
  249. Craig: 'I still think we were right'
  250. Michelle talks health care for women