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  1. Using TV as a babysitter when you are sick
  2. Using TV as a babysitter...period.
  3. Screen Testing pre-school kids...
  4. Society approved orphanages?
  5. Other moms chewing out your kid (m)
  6. Giving your elementary kids COFFEE before school...
  7. Moms who don't trust Dads to care for kids
  8. How to deal with friends who can't parent?
  9. You've heard of helicopter moms....how about airplane dads?
  10. Gov't says vaccine did "cause" one child's autism
  11. Anyone hear about this article?
  12. Ds' play therapist said that I'm responsible for
  13. Mama, what's a "pros-ti-tutty?"
  14. Alcohol and teens...
  15. Nervous to ask this but....
  16. Friend of a friend just had her 9th child. (Religious beliefs ment.)
  17. Philosophical question with controversial potential...
  18. Allowing children to "quit" - where do you draw the line?
  19. Parents doing children's projects for them
  20. Using only positive reinforcement
  21. Multiage classrooms - for it or against it?
  22. Middle Child Issues when they are NOT yours?
  23. Saving babies born earlier than 24 weeks
  24. I'm so disappointed with Miley Cyrus.
  25. Who is Mothers day for?
  26. the trouble with time-outs
  27. For those who think the Miley Cyrus pics are no big deal, I'm curious:
  28. can i ask... (long and rambling... m)
  29. for those whose mother is no longer with us
  30. so... what do you think of this story? (m)
  31. What if you child wanted to be...?
  32. Interesting article...
  33. what do you do with toys that are not appropriate for your child/ren,
  34. speaking of lying to children -
  35. Toxic fire retardants in carseats...
  36. Picking your battles, kids and eating (m)
  37. What age?
  38. Best vehicle for beginning driver?
  39. Another Age-related post
  40. Teen pregnancy
  41. tv watching and attention span
  42. Letting children miss school
  43. Why do people drive with their kids out of
  44. Baby Shower Thank You Cards
  45. Nature vs. Nurture....what do you think?
  46. Hoping Katie Holmes doesn't listen to advice about the "bottle"
  47. Wearing your Wealth on Your Sleeve
  48. Autism, the Musical? Has anyone seen this?
  49. Babywise- do you ever cringe
  50. Risks vs. freedoms for school-aged kids ...
  51. Are second, third, forth children smarter?
  52. Non-electronic toys & activities....do they exist?
  53. This article disgusts me...
  54. Brooke Shield's daughter drops the f-bomb
  55. So the Duggars just had their 18th child...
  56. Girls Cheerleading
  57. Can I just rant about school for a minute here?
  58. 26 degrees + shorts - yay or nay?
  59. New TV Show: Toddlers and Tiaras...OMG
  60. New Board: Commerce and Exchange
  61. Free Range Kids?
  62. when is it appropriate to *fight* back? (m)
  63. When to say "enough?"
  64. Server donations - please help out!
  65. restaurants refusing to serve wine to pregnant women?
  66. H1N1 vaccine
  67. WIC and formula ...
  68. Susan Klebold speaks out
  69. Is America ignoring gifted children?
  70. vent - moms who date kid killers
  71. early education -
  72. Too many electronic holiday gifts for young kids?
  73. Parents - teach your kids some basics...
  74. Out of control teens, when and where to draw the line?
  75. Octomom... 12 embryos...
  76. Stop Labeling our kids..
  77. School libraries