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  1. Hello Soapboxers!
  2. I am so upset about Nader running for President
  3. Good news for Jenna and Barbara Bush!
  4. What is this Obamamania I hear about?
  5. I had such high hopes for Spitzer ...
  6. Spitzer impact on the presidential race?
  7. Is there ANY HOPE for this country and this world?
  8. The Obama "race speech" anyone see it? Link:
  9. Did Chelsea overreact to the Monica question?
  10. Polygamy..
  11. Marion Jones....relay teammates are
  12. Is race really the issue here?
  13. Just watched GWB talk on tv about the economy..
  14. Scary....
  15. It's offical - GWB really is the worst President ever
  16. Gas Tax repeal
  17. Obama -- Is it really true...?
  18. Should Obama select Clinton as his running mate?
  19. When you debate re: prez election, what are your sources for facts?
  20. Malibu surfers beating up papparazzi
  21. Hospital staff ignore dying woman in waiting room
  22. Manson killer denied compassionate release
  23. The Chinese Olympics
  24. Bioethics 'New IVF dilemmas make old fears seem quaint'
  25. I think I like Kathy Hilton
  26. ANOTHER friggin' lying cheater (m)
  27. What are your thoughts about the "other woman"?
  28. Today we are all Georgians
  29. The new Baracky II video
  30. Does anyone know what the deal is with Obam's BC?
  31. I just found a great website
  32. Insurance company ?
  33. The death penalty
  34. Michelle Obama
  35. Hillary's speech...
  36. Overall thoughts on the convention?
  37. Looks like McCain isn't picking Romney after all
  38. So, SueW, what's the lowdown on your governor?
  39. Anyone read Politico.com?
  40. A right-wing commentator is saying McCain is
  41. Sarah Palin - What do you think about this rumor? (pg ment)
  42. Do people really think Hilary ran a great campaign?
  43. POLL: A quick Palin poll for both parties...
  44. Sarah Palin's 17 yo DD pregnant
  45. Tell me why Sarah Palin is a great choice as VP...m
  46. More Palin controversy
  47. Poop Flags for Jeannie
  48. Are you: liberal, conservative, moderate? Poll
  49. dlp - about Juno/Juneau
  50. The Political Parent Paradox
  51. If McCain wants to be president, he better get used to ppl asking Q's (m)
  52. All slam, no substance, no inspiration
  53. I find myself feeling so depressed and apathetic
  54. Did Mitt Romney really call the current Supreme Court liberal? (m)
  55. Here's what I'm stuck on after listening to the speeches last night...
  56. Is there something physically wrong with McCain?
  57. Palin's speech
  58. What is the most important issue for you this election year? (m)
  59. More slam ...
  60. Sometimes Jon Stewart just captures it perfectly!
  61. 2012 Palin v Clinton?
  62. Thoughts on McCain's speech last night?
  63. Wondering, how will media portray the $3,269 that each Alaskan will receive next Fri?
  64. Media- You know what I hate about elections?
  65. How about something we can all enjoy...
  66. McCain and his affairs
  67. Would it bother you that Palin didn't use a carseat ...
  68. I thought this comparison of Obama/McCain was interesing
  69. Palin, wolves, disturbing
  70. Why is McCain so touchy feely with Palin?
  71. McCain and PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder)
  72. Do you think Obama should have picked Hillary?
  73. Anyone watched the Palin church videos on youtube?
  74. What is it with this board?
  75. Interesting perspective on Palin
  76. Raising hand! I have something good to say...
  77. McCain - why should he be the next CIC?
  78. Seems like alot of us feel like our votes don't matter....
  79. So why is Obama losing ground now in the polls?
  80. What I want to know about Obama...
  81. Do you and your spouse agree on politics?
  82. Who do you THINK will win?
  83. Who do you WANT to win?
  84. Anyone interested in the book list?
  85. Really creepy McCain attack ad...
  86. 3 Questions....m
  87. When is Palin suppose to be on with Gibson?
  88. Candidates Forum on Service
  89. Is Obama 'being taken the wrong way'?
  90. Another one that's bothering me
  91. McCain interview ...
  92. Obama on taxes ...
  93. Which of these are you?
  94. Here's a thought-provoking FWD I just got -
  95. WSJ's Barron's Magazine take on tax policies
  96. Don't we deserve to know more about Palin?
  97. Is Obama trying to stall troop withdrawals until he is in office?
  98. Complete fabrications by McCain/Palin ...
  99. So - Do you think universal health insurance should cover IF and IVF?
  100. My Obama connection...
  101. Presidential term length & limits
  102. So let's have a healthcare debate...
  103. Thoughts on Gibson interview...
  104. And now for something completely different! (Dixie Chicks) ++
  105. The Nation on White Privilege
  106. In Wasilla, Palin had victims pay for their own rape kits
  107. Maybe it is time to shift perspectives...
  108. please explain the McCain health benefits taxation/tax credit
  109. What is UP with the Fed?!
  110. Jumping in here - and more confused than ever.
  111. Is Ralph Nader actually running again?
  112. Tax plans ...
  113. Earmarks ...
  114. Is McCain losing it?
  115. Palin and McCain
  116. Sliming Palin....
  117. sex ed, reproductive health care, abortion
  118. Poll on abortion, Roe v Wade
  119. disregard!
  120. Poll: Abortion beliefs
  121. Financial meltdown ...
  122. Race May Cost Obama the Election
  123. I don't understand why people think we will
  124. Obama has a disabilities & Autism Platform
  125. Obama - Biden Disabilities Platform
  126. Emmy speeach cut off - censorhsip or business decision?
  127. Electoral tie?
  128. Poll: Bail Out or No Bail Out?
  129. Someone needs to muzzle Biden
  130. Do people have McCain/Obama signs in their yards?
  131. Are you satisfied with the job performance
  132. McCain calling for political freeze and to postpone debate
  133. For those in favor of McCain....
  134. Aaron Sorkin, Pres Bartlet advises Sen Obama
  135. Another reason I want Bush out...
  136. What do you think of Palin avoiding any media questions?
  137. Debate tomorrow night
  138. McCain and Letterman...wow...
  139. Website for viewing voting records
  140. Did you believe this ?
  141. Is Bill Clinton trying to undermine Obama?
  142. Alternative plan to the big bailout:
  143. USA looks to Nigeria for help in economic crisis?
  144. I love this quote from Jon Stewart on Palin...
  145. Odds for new VP on McCain ticket
  146. Foreign policy experience question
  147. Thoughts on Palin's talk with Couric?
  148. McCain will now debate....
  149. Surprising election signs
  150. Poll: Do you think it was sexist of McCain to chose Palin as his VP ?
  151. Palin mutiny?
  152. Jack Cafferty, CNN, about SP
  153. A bit different take (m)
  154. For those support McCain/Palin
  155. Did this debate tonight change your mind about the
  156. Should Obama have picked Hilary for VP?
  157. Polls after debate have Obama in the lead (m)
  158. Is McCain lying here too?
  159. Your favorite political websites?
  160. Interesting blog on Palin's appeal
  161. Not sure if this is the right place or not...
  162. Is it unfair for the media to keep showing the Palin parody?
  163. NBC pulls DFA ad about McCain not releasing medical records
  164. Do you think SP is as smart as George W Bush?
  165. House votes down bailout, Dow Jones down 600+
  166. Things are heating up !!
  167. Why are we in this economic crisis?
  168. How come Couric keeps scoring Palin interviews?
  169. Obama & Fannie Mac contributions
  170. Children singing for Obama
  171. You know what bugs me?
  172. Gwen Ifill: conflict of interest?
  173. What kind of accent does SP have?
  174. Wow - Obama now leading polls in OH, PA and FL?
  175. Last night's Couric/Palin interview
  176. Biden/Palin debate drinking game?
  177. What if we wipe out mortgages in foreclosure...
  178. Picture of the debate, from our paper
  179. McCain / DesMoines register interview ...
  180. Readers threaten Conservative columnist who criticized Palin
  181. I thought Biden was excellent tonight
  182. Debate Bingo players
  183. I thought Palin was excellent tonight
  184. definition of elitism
  185. Some talking points- Iran and Iraq
  186. Same sex couples and the debate ...
  187. Reverend Wright and Keating 5
  188. Senate added tax breaks in bailout bill...
  189. New Obama ad, post VP debate
  190. Palin gets McCain position wrong in VP debate
  191. Just a funny...
  192. Vote selector link - taken from PNO...
  193. Is Obama's smoking an issue?
  194. Does this concern anyone?? Defying a subpoena?
  195. note to Biden - If you're going to give a shout out
  196. Make-Believe Maverick
  197. Has anyone seen this Obama ad?
  198. What would happen if Palin bowed out?
  199. Palin's folksy style
  200. SNL spoof of the debate ...
  201. The Keating 5 have arrived
  202. Is the election becoming a sideshow?
  203. Yay! There's something really GOOD in that bailout bill
  204. Stocks are tanking again...
  205. Responses to Kathleen Parker's anti-Palin column
  206. Gentle Reminder: Posts That Get Too Personal
  207. Trying to understand the financial crisis?
  208. Excellent article on Fannie/Freddie ...
  209. Excellent article on Fannie/Freddie ...
  210. Sarah Palin having the witchcraft taken from her
  211. Palin exploits the people of Alaska
  212. Ayers and Obama
  213. McCain linked to former Nazi collaborators
  214. Palin ralies inciting racism, Obama death threats ...
  215. AIG Execs go to Exclusive Spa after taxpayer bailout
  216. I find these debates so frustrating to watch
  217. Thoughts on the Debate?
  218. Camille Paglia on Sarah Palin
  219. Question about the debate
  220. Wow...Someone just took a pick-up truck,
  221. McCain's plan to buy up mortgages
  222. Talk softly, and carry a big stick.
  223. What are your expectation of the candidates ? (m)
  224. "Smells terrible most of the time"
  225. White House considers ownership stakes in banks
  226. Obama/McCain campaign differences
  227. Anyone looking forward to the debate tonight?
  228. Palin as seen from the U.K. (article link)
  229. i was watching a clip of the view..what's the deal with the McCain
  230. McCain fit to lead?
  231. Is Obama fit to lead?
  232. What do the parties stand for?
  233. out of morbid curiosity... (m)
  234. Obama supporters please stop by . . .
  235. Harsh words from conservatives on Larry King
  236. Palin clears herself in Troopergate
  237. Energy Czar gets it wrong
  238. Hypocrite, thy name is Sarah Palin...
  239. Here are the pastor Hagee quotes ...
  240. Agree or disagree
  241. Cindy McCain's blood runs cold, she says,
  242. McCain's most dishonorable association ...
  243. The candidates and the economic crisis...
  244. Anyone want to help me sort out this tax stuff?
  245. I am more than my uterus.
  246. Required Reading For All Posters
  247. Troopergate: Palin found guilty of abusing power
  248. I'm truly disgusted
  249. Sarah Palin: The view from Alaska
  250. analyze this: (youtube subprime mortgage blame)