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  1. Welcome to the new Parenting After 40 board
  2. Hi everyone!
  3. About to be descended on. Yikes!
  4. Posting my first PA40 post... I think... LOL
  5. Well I'm officially parenting over 40
  6. So... who else here is a grandparent?
  7. Coming out of lurkdom
  8. I don't know where to post, yeast infection???
  9. the stress of peri-menopause? (m)
  10. Having an endometrial biobsy done
  11. Hey Mindy?? You around? Haven't seen
  12. Posting Pics here
  13. posting a pic of my boys... (m)
  14. Anyone interested in a weekend away?
  15. Ellen how did the biopsy go?
  16. Couldn't make it thru my MRI!!
  17. I can't believe I'm doing this.
  18. My doctor thinks I have Pertussis...
  19. Body Statistics!
  20. I won!
  21. Interesting survey by American Public Radio on ...
  22. I used this great root touch up product today..
  23. Can you let me know what vitamins you
  24. How common is diagnostic mamo....m
  25. My FIL died yesterday.
  26. My holiday gift will be paying the Vet Bill!
  27. The saddest news, Our Natalie has passed.
  28. Mommy brag time.
  29. I am hiding in my bedroom for a moment...
  30. Another Mom brag, if you can stand it!
  31. Best and worst of 2008 - poll
  32. Did anyone see Marley & Me or 7 Pounds yet?
  33. I'm feeling young compared to Sarah Palin today.
  34. Mindy
  35. At least she didn't say "grandma" ...
  36. I locked my keys in my van today, where is my head?
  37. Just found out my neighbor died from Ovarian Cancer...
  38. Ask your kids how old you are...for fun.
  39. A funny story, I have been accused of being in my 20's
  40. I don't know what is wrong with me lately, way too emotional..
  41. A little song for us "baby boomers"
  42. Looking for the member that helps seniors..
  43. My trio turned 7 yesterday...
  44. Well, I can officially post here now....
  45. What a week!! Dd got AF and more.
  46. Can I just whine, I have the worst sore throat...
  47. More crazies. Long
  48. New board: Commerce and Exchange forum
  49. Finally! Great news.
  50. 3 years ago today I had my embie transfer!
  51. UGH ~ Mammogram on Thursday....
  52. Mammogram Results? Need for Repeat Mammo?
  53. Thanks everyone....
  54. magnification mammogram
  55. Pet Peeve, people that crack their gum...
  56. Prejudice blues
  57. Need serious advice about clothes.
  58. Sex In the City movie on HBO tonite..
  59. Happy Passover to those that celebrate!
  60. I've had this pain in my left hip area for months.
  61. Depressed about aging badly
  62. Mother's Day plans? Anything special happening?
  63. lonely
  64. Server donations - please help out!
  65. Ladies 40 & older, where are you??
  66. Bettina, a belated Happy Birthday!!!!
  67. Over 50 Dress code.
  68. Mindy's post reminded me of this...
  69. What is everyone up to this summer?
  70. Just got back from my 2nd week of vacation.
  71. Just a funny to liven up this board..
  72. Too quiet over here, back with another joke.
  73. Hello from an old PA40 friend
  74. I just read Celine Dion is pregnant...
  75. I'm free!
  76. need a smile?
  77. I think dickw*d is loosing it.
  78. Perimenopause? Maybe TMI but need reassurance
  79. You are at that perfect age...
  80. 45 life lessons...
  81. Happy Holidays to all of you!!
  82. Lost my job 10 minutes after I got back from vacation
  83. Anyone here?
  84. Looking for Born 2002 members.