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  1. Parenting Special Needs Children
  2. Roll Call...
  3. Just Laura...
  4. Do you ever just want to SCREAM at others....
  5. SID girl asking for a haircut!
  6. Wow, Just told older dd about autism...
  7. Just out of curiosity....
  8. great video on autism every day
  9. How was everyone's Mother's Day?
  10. Dust Mite Spray??
  11. Can someone please post on spec needs for me very important
  12. Posting for Mary Ann and Nicholas....
  13. Ok, Im In...Nicholas went to ER last night
  14. I love CROCS!
  15. Melatonin users??
  16. Need help interpretting IQ testing- KABC-II
  17. Wow...just got a call from an autism school here
  18. Fish oil dosage for kids?
  19. Food Allergy improvement
  20. Interesting comment on Tobin from his teacher
  21. Yay I'm In! Tomorrow Leela goes for her Botox Shots! Please think of us and hope we..
  22. Adding a new med today...(pic w/sibs)
  23. I just joined -- how do I respond to a post?
  24. Give me strength. Setting up conf. w/ principal
  25. asthma..2yo cant stop coughing.. so worried
  26. Okay prayers needed....ladies I have an
  27. What can I expect at an ADHD consult?
  28. I got chosen as the Walk America Chairperson
  29. Update from MaryAnn re: Nicholas (m)
  30. im soo dismayed... ds 5yr ck up
  31. Please We Need Prayers!!!
  32. Link to an amazing 15 min short film on Autism - very moving. I think what most
  33. Popping in to say Hi & give a quick update
  34. how asd can affect learning
  35. After all the *teacher* talk....
  36. Update on my DD's eval...
  37. Seeking opinions on schooling
  38. Seeking opinions on schooling
  39. I found some of my old report cards (m)
  40. Some IEP questions....(mickey2 - pls read!)
  41. Can I just say Thank You, From the bottom of my heart!
  42. Nicholas update
  43. LauraH1
  44. I need to see a post from old board
  45. Sue, saw your post under MA's...
  46. Yana is home.....again
  47. Ds was diagnosed with ADHD and social anxiety (m)
  48. Yay! I got Ansley in for an OT eval....
  49. Maryann, I hope you are reading this (m)
  50. Nicholas Update (everything mentioned)
  51. Is there another SNK board?
  52. Keagan update - the end is in sight
  53. SNK Thyroid Disorder Mom's...
  54. Val- How did your meeting go?
  55. Nancy - how did Leela's botox injections go?
  56. Update...met with principal....
  57. I know this is a very selfish post (support pls)
  58. Lots of updates! Dd did really well with the botox injections. She didn't cry, but
  59. Nancy (and whoever else) about Ella's CP
  60. Not liking this milk allergy thing (SID)
  61. reflux.. previcid question..m
  62. Looking for help for friend in RI
  63. I watched some old video of DS yesterday
  64. MA- How's Nicholas doing?
  65. Why would Tobin tense up in the water??
  66. Stroller help for a tall child not winter (other child ment)
  67. autism research bill being "snowballed" by
  68. What to give teachers for end of year SN preschool? Newbie here...
  69. Should I get a med ID bracelet for Latex
  70. kinda ot but kinda not
  71. Need ideas for snacks w/out artificial colors/flavors etc. (m)
  72. Is anyone else a WOHM?
  73. I'm back on the board, but it will take time..
  74. We had the first part of Ansley's OT eval.....
  75. IEP goal/objective website...
  76. its official, im the proud owner of a
  77. Two IEP's in one day
  78. Need advice on preschool placement for son (long)
  79. Big Huge Brag.....verry proud mommy....
  80. Whew! I can finally post here!(m)
  81. Hi Friends..question
  82. Finally...some better answers, but sad.
  83. What to say: (long) 49-yr old single friend is thinking of egg donation
  84. Nicholas Is Being Life Flighted To Utah
  85. MaryAnn updated below; I copied it here
  86. New Forum Format Question re: Thread Views
  87. Big tears....God is sooooo good!!!!
  88. see you all in 1week...
  89. Anyone have experience with AVBA?
  90. OT:"541 days with my ex wife".......
  91. Here he is....Picture enclosed!
  92. Another Milk Allergy Question re: physical reactions
  93. End of school year gift question...
  94. We are home....but very stressed.....(everything ment)
  95. IEP question re;holiday
  96. Question re: Learning disability DX process...
  97. OT: Picture of Nicholas in our garden!
  98. Keagan is home!
  99. I just need a break!!!
  100. Gifts for bus drivers of SN preschool?
  101. im back.....
  102. Thank goodness we're going to the OT today
  103. Well, we scheduled a full psych eval.... (our first)
  104. Our EIP meeting is tomorrow. I'm nervous (m)
  105. Oops, meant to say "IEP" directly below. nt
  106. NY Times has great article about
  107. *Barge* Does anyone here have experience w/ a bipolar child or teen?
  108. Living Without magazine has great article on food allergies, schools & public places
  109. I have finally lost my mind (total vent)
  110. Still torn...re: gifts for end of year PS - arghhh!
  111. Tonsils and Adnoids are coming out
  112. Gidget 2
  113. OT - Restless
  114. OT: My dad has to have brain surgery
  115. Nicholas wants to go camping!
  116. Am I allowed to run away from home?
  117. skin tests and allergies
  118. I feel so bad for DS!
  119. Another IEP question
  120. Mary Ann....
  121. What would you do? (graphic)
  122. Camping Pictures!!
  123. I had the best, therapy free afternoon today!
  124. heart surgery moms, inciider needs support
  125. back from GI doc....
  126. some cool new videos
  127. Nicholas's appt and dad's surgery tomorrow!
  128. The C-diff tests are Negative! Woo Hoo!
  129. we are here! MA, I was trying to reply . . .
  130. Sensory feeding question..(child ment)
  131. Noelle had her surgical consult today...
  132. Nicholas is great...dad's surgery cancelled!
  133. Hi everyone! Resurfacing for now! It's been such a crazy couple of weeks on just
  134. What's everyone doing for summer vacation plans?
  135. Chaya, how did your CPSE meeting go? Also,
  136. Can you guys help a friend with a school paper?
  137. Ok....a little more info on yesterdays appointment/delays
  138. mckevors upper GI is scheduled for
  139. Guess who turns "5" years old in 23 days!
  140. MA has anyone mentioned the PECS system
  141. a recent pic
  142. Bottle drinking/Vacation question (SID)
  143. He lives and breathes Motorcycles! (bare buns pic enclosed)
  144. We are off to our F/U Genetics Appt.
  145. My almost 7 year old DS has ADHD...
  146. School meeting today went well, I think
  147. How was Father's Day at your house?
  148. Miralax and poop issues
  149. Just curious what you think of this....
  150. Baby Noor came to our church
  151. My baby boy graduated from preschool today...
  152. Got the results of Ansley's OT eval.
  153. First week of summer vacation! Nicholas and Mitch update! Pix too!
  154. Picture of where our house is!
  155. WWYD-Friend is trying to make a decision on school...
  156. SID Vacation Advice?
  157. ADHD and memory problems
  158. should have done this along time ago....
  159. Photos from our beach trip...
  160. Need help with Medi-Alert Jewlery
  161. Insurance success!!
  162. Starting Listening Therapy
  163. Nicholas has his follow up oncologist appt tomorrrow
  164. Keagan had a good 4 week check up - xrays
  165. DebMc About Ell'a wrist...
  166. In need of support, guidance, and suggestions.....
  167. Update on our totally overwhelming day! UGH
  168. Anyone had experience with cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety?
  169. Does anyone have experience with vision therapy?
  170. delayed reaction to food? how do you identify what is
  171. OT: My dad had the surgery!
  172. What a bad night last night.
  173. Dreading the 5 hour assessment for our 2 yr old daughter
  174. Well, Tanner got suspended from camp and...
  175. We had a sitter for the kids last night....
  176. Need HELP with soccer.....
  177. ADHD meds question....
  178. ? for those with ADD/ADHD kids....
  179. OT: Dad has to move to a nursing home :(
  180. Val- another question regarding repeating K vs 1st grade
  181. anyone else's sensory kid freak last night?
  182. How to make the decision about school (sib ment'd)
  183. We'll be going to OT and speech (new)
  184. Christine S-play dates/friends make my ADD go nuts!
  185. Keagan ran a 40 yd dash!
  186. Need helping teaching "NO!" to SID daughter
  187. Help with poop potty training please
  188. Update on my K vs 1st grade dilemma
  189. Nicholas got his IVIG yesterday (my dad ment)
  190. Dylan had his first social skills class today...
  191. Happy Birthday Nicholas!!
  192. Pictures of the Birthday boy!
  193. all natural gummy vitamins from nordic naturals
  194. Do any of your boys do this?
  195. Started new camp and had first day of eval...nervous....m
  196. For those who remember my disastrous
  197. I finally found some "fidgets" that work
  198. back to back pin infections for Keagan :-(
  199. Back from Vacation
  200. Need quick help....I am sure Nicholas has SID
  201. Picture of the child who turned my hair grey!
  202. How do I help friend come to terms w/ SN child??
  203. Autism questions-- for friend
  204. Val- How has camp been the rest of the week?
  205. update from annual dev ped appt
  206. How do you respond to this...(sib)
  207. ASD Moms....what the heck do you
  208. My sweet little SID girl enjoyed herself - PIX
  209. Thinking of you Susan and Sierra
  210. Lurker coming out with Celiac questions..
  211. What speech videos are good?
  212. Xpost from PMultis - I need bedtime help.
  213. Might cancel the 5 hour assessment- your .02 requested :)
  214. Amazon now sells groceries including GFCF...
  215. Suzi and other Ticket Reward parents...
  216. Anyone have experience with large fontanelle in
  217. What my 11 year old SID dd learned today!
  218. Friends OT says SID cured??
  219. Has anyone heard of a genetic test to decide...
  220. How do you decide between protection and reality...?
  221. How to deal with comments/opinions of in-laws regarding repeating K?
  222. Is anyone doing Magnesium or high EPA supplements for ADHD children?
  223. How is a development ped different from regular ped?
  224. Anyone know how to keep a 2 yr old with SID in bed?
  225. It's 11 am and 100 degrees...
  226. i can't see any replies to my post, is it my computer?
  227. Angeleena - regarding the posts.....
  228. I switched to "linear mode" under "thread tools" and can see replies
  229. Picture of my DS...
  230. Anyone use a toddler leash/harness?
  231. Strattera Questions..
  232. Hi all- I just realized that although I have
  233. SOTO'S syndrome
  234. Any one else Hot, broke and frustrated?
  235. Oh Joy....here is your Nicholas fix! Pic enclosed
  236. Pictures of Nicholas going through transplant (graphic)
  237. Joy..here are the rest of the camping pix!
  238. ugh...swimming nazi...
  239. anyone hear of Rhabdomyolysis (sib ment)
  240. We are officially weaning off of CST therapy.
  241. just checking in to say hi
  242. Giant vent....have to get it out....my life has derailed...sorry
  243. Whose ds was having heart surgery? (M)
  244. SID girls started Listening Therapy
  245. Questions about ticket or marble reward (m)
  246. Anyone know about lead exposure and ASD kids?
  247. We just finished our fund raising requirement for a service dog
  248. Need some suggestions and ideas
  249. MaryAnn...how was Nicholas's checkup?
  250. TARGET public service announcement, cool SID toy