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  14. Studies Examine How Multiple IVF Cycles, Weight Affect Chances For Conceiving
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  16. Shannon Tavarez Lost Leukemia Fight, Inspired 10000 Bone Marrow Donors - CBS News
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  25. Man dies from caffeine overdose, ingested 'spoonfuls' of powder equivalent to ... - N
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  27. State to drop 350 patients in HIV/AIDS drug program - Sun-Sentinel
  28. Parental Infertility And Cerebral Palsy In Children Born Spontaneously Or After IVF/I
  29. Health Care Vote Only a Part of Democrats' Vulnerability - New York Times
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  55. ObamaCare, a Catastrophic 'Success' - Wall Street Journal
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  57. Parents who adopt abused children hampered by woeful lack of support - The Guardian
  58. Pfizer arthritis drug succeeds in late stage trial - Reuters
  59. Laptop use on laps might reduce sperm quality: report - Reuters
  60. Study shows CT scans for heavy smokers may modestly cut lung cancer deaths - LubbockO
  61. Mental Health Visits Seen Rising as Parent Deploys - New York Times
  62. Skin cells transformed into blood - The Guardian
  63. AIDS: Pioneer of “Treatment as Prevention” Approach to get Einstein Award - Voice
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  65. Home Fertility Tests Might Be Misleading, Study Finds
  66. Breast-Feeding vs Other Feeding Methods May Not Affect Maternal Sleep - Medscape
  67. Laptops Can Seriously Affect A Man's Sperm Quality
  68. Study shows drowsy drivers behind the wheel - Los Angeles Times
  69. Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds - CNN
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  83. Bush Recollection Puts Spotlight on Miscarriage - New York Times
  84. Health Rules Are Waived More Often - New York Times
  85. Md. hospital to pay $22 million - Washington Post
  86. Supes can override a veto of toy ban - San Francisco Chronicle
  87. Cholera Spreading in Haitian Capital - Voice of America
  88. Feds proposes graphic cigarette warning labels - The Associated Press
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  93. Prescriptions: Prostate Cancer Drug Gets Lukewarm Review - New York Times
  94. Deficit panel draft targets Medicare and drugmakers - Reuters
  95. Flu shots can pay off big for employers - Los Angeles Times
  96. ADHD rates on the rise among US children - CDC report - Food Consumer
  97. Hormones And Stress Are Major Contributors To IVF Baby Blues
  98. Arena Release Results of BLOOM-DM Trial on Lorcaserin - eMaxHealth
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  103. HHS secretary: Clearer nutrient labels coming soon - BusinessWeek
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  105. Early Breast Cancer Detection Helped Jane Fonda - CBS News
  106. Study: Major acne problem may raise suicide risk - Forbes
  107. UN Launches Haiti Cholera Strategy - Voice of America
  108. Medicare Advantage enrollment season starts Monday - BusinessWeek
  109. 'Cigarette man' cited as tobacco trial begins - Boston Globe
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  111. State to ban sale of alcohol energy drinks - Fenton Tri County Times
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  113. AHA: Diuretic Cuts Morbidity, Mortality in Mild HF - MedPage Today
  114. Have you been scammed by SPCT/Merritt Patterson?
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  119. Bypass patients can benefit from a few drinks-study - Reuters
  120. Will graphic cigarette warnings help — or hurt? - Boston Globe
  121. Studies suggest another way to treat heart failure - Boston Globe
  122. Cigarette Packs Will Now Have Graphic Warning Labels - TheCelebrityCafe.com
  123. Cigarette Packs Will Now Have Graphic Warning Labels - TheCelebrityCafe.com
  124. Fish oil does not help atrial fibrillation-study - Reuters
  125. Bayer, J&J's Xarelto Bests Warfarin in Key Study - BusinessWeek
  126. Warning: FDA proposes new labels to show dangers of smoking - Flyer News
  127. Report questions safety of planned biodefense lab - BusinessWeek
  128. AHA: Teens Reap Rewards from Less Salt - MedPage Today
  129. School Programs for Cardiac Arrest Saving Lives - BusinessWeek
  130. 5 myths about the flu - USA Today
  131. UK starts world's first stroke stem cell trial - Reuters
  132. FDA to defib makers: Fix the problems with AEDs - Mass Device
  133. FDA: Mela Sciences Skin Device 'May Do More Harm Than Good' - Wall Street Journal
  134. Senators anticipate grilling Donald Berwick - Politico
  135. Study: Antibiotics have little impact on child ear infections - CNN
  136. Belly Fat Stem Cells May Help Heart - WebMD
  137. FDA Panel Endorses Lupus Drug - MedPage Today
  138. Company to Drop Caffeine From Alcoholic Drinks - New York Times
  139. Thursday is the day to try to quit smoking - Fond du Lac Reporter
  140. Merck Drug Improves Cholesterol Without Safety Risk, Study Finds - BusinessWeek
  141. Treatment zaps high blood pressure at the source - Reuters
  142. Crowley to repealers: Skip coverage - Politico
  143. Doctors, users back Dendreon vaccine for Medicare - Reuters
  144. FDA expected to ban alcoholic energy drinks Wed - BusinessWeek
  145. Univ. of Oregon to ban smoking, tobacco by 2012 - BusinessWeek
  146. Adopt-A-Family: Mom wishes for happy holiday with 'treasures' - Appleton Post Crescen
  147. Humana Sees Lower 2011 EPS, Cites Near-Term Pressures - Wall Street Journal
  148. Study of Pfizer, Bristol drug halted by bleeding - Reuters
  149. Bird Flu Pops Up Again in Hong Kong. Is a Pandemic on Its Way? - TIME
  150. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans had mental illness in 2009 - msnbc.com
  151. FDA OKs Amgen's bone drug in certain cancers - Reuters
  152. Study finds dying cancer patients often don't use hospices - Seattle Times
  153. Facebook Heartbreak Leads to Man's Asthma Attack - ABC News
  154. Hearing Wraps up for Octomom's Fertility Doctor - ABC News
  155. British Study Supports Mammograms for Some Women Under 50 - BusinessWeek
  156. Senate agrees to delay huge cut in Medicare payments to doctors - Los Angeles Times
  157. Pfizer kidney cancer drug meets main trial goal - Reuters
  158. Controversial painkiller Darvon is pulled - Washington Post
  159. Lupus Drug Okayed by FDA Panel: Can Benlysta Help Women? - CBS News
  160. Merck Cholesterol Drug Lowers Heart Attack In Kidney Patients - Quick Facts - RTT New
  161. Weekend Admissions May Raise Death Risk in Kidney Patients - BusinessWeek
  162. Growing National Nurses United union steps up strikes in aggressive new strategy - Wa
  163. Toys for Tots ready for donations - BlueRidgeNow.com
  164. Toys for Tots ready for donations - BlueRidgeNow.com
  165. Catholics, campaigners debate pope condom remarks - The Associated Press
  166. Salvation Army seeks partners after record year for Angel Tree - MyWestTexas.com
  167. ACT wins FDA's approval to test stem cell therapy - Boston Globe
  168. Companies volunteer help for the holidays - Washington Post
  169. Scientists Spot Genes Tied to Puberty, Body Fat in Girls - BusinessWeek
  170. Time for Yearly Review of Medicare Part D Enrollment Plan - eMaxHealth
  171. WHO: Spiraling Health Costs Push 100 Million People Into Poverty - Voice of America
  172. US Issues Health Overhaul Minimum-Spending Rules - Wall Street Journal
  173. Cornerstone ending sale of certain painkillers - BusinessWeek
  174. Prostate Cancer Staging Can't Predict Recurrence - WebMD
  175. Philantrhopist gives $5 million to Capital Area Food Bank - Washington Post
  176. Carrots 'help protect against cancer' - Telegraph.co.uk
  177. DOJ's Whistle-Blower Recruitment Pays Off - NPR
  178. Annual global study reports progress against HIV - Los Angeles Times
  179. Beat the Clock to Make Food Safer - Huffington Post (blog)
  180. FDA And FTC Seek Data On Caffeinated Alcoholic Drinks - RTT News
  181. Exercise Combo Best for Type 2 Diabetes - U.S. News & World Report
  182. Starwatch Consumer | TSA offers free app to help airline travelers - Kansas City Star
  183. TSA Administrator Apologizes to Cancer Survivor After Pat-Down Broke Seal on ... - AB
  184. Organ donations - Salt Lake Tribune
  185. US moves to make synthetic marijuana illegal - BusinessWeek
  186. Calif. company expands recall of its cheeses - BusinessWeek
  187. Eat more protein, fewer refined carbs to stay slim - Reuters
  188. Festus Nurse Leaving On Aid Mission to Haiti - FOX2now.com
  189. Alcoholic Energy Drinks to Be off Shelves in Dec. - ABC News
  190. Red Kettles help bring hope - New Britain Herald
  191. Surgeon general adds to call for health talk on turkey day - CNN (blog)
  192. HIV+ numbers in city see negative growth - Times of India
  193. For Your Health: Eat Your Veggies - Fox News
  194. Do flu shots help very young children? Here's what one study says - Los Angeles Times
  195. New Hope for Preventing HIV Infections - NewsHour
  196. Some doctors asking Medicare patients to switch plans - Seattle Times
  197. Do flu shots help very young children? Here's what one study says - Los Angeles Times
  198. Thief Crashes Fundraiser for Boy, 9; Steals Cash - Fox News
  199. Coffee shop to adopt two families for Christmas - Peninsula Daily
  200. Marine stabbed by suspected shoplifter in Georgia - Washington Post
  201. Record number of shoppers poised for Cyber Monday - USA Today
  202. Online Red Kettle Donations - FOX43.com
  203. Embracing Incentives for Efficient Health Care - Wall Street Journal
  204. If you're around a baby, get whooping cough vaccine - Atlanta Journal Constitution
  205. Eating Disorder Awareness Urged for Pediatricians - MedPage Today
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  207. Male Reproductive Problems May Contribute To Falling Fertility Rates
  208. Probiotics May Help Kids With Stomach Viruses - MedPage Today
  209. Weight Watchers revamps plan, introduces PointsPlus - USA Today
  210. Gene therapy 'memory boost hope' - BBC News
  211. Merck Halts Study of Once-Daily HIV Drug - Wall Street Journal
  212. FDA reviews 2 new drugs to reduce prostate cancer - BusinessWeek
  213. Celebrex Shows Potential in Preventing Some Skin Cancers: Study - BusinessWeek
  214. Managing children's food allergies at school - Los Angeles Times
  215. Kaiser Permanente puts millions in Oakland schools - San Francisco Chronicle
  216. New guidelines urge vitamin D boost, but not megadose - Chicago Sun-Times
  217. No more nanny state on health: Andrew Lansley - Telegraph.co.uk
  218. Lexington holding flu vaccination clinic for students Wednesday - Boston Globe
  219. FDA says Iowa egg farm can resume shell egg sales - BusinessWeek
  220. HIV Infections Triple in Eastern Europe - Voice of America
  221. Study links finger length to prostate cancer risk - msnbc.com
  222. New York to Support Organ Donations - Wall Street Journal
  223. New York Magazine Piece Connects Birth Control Pill, Age-Related Infertility
  224. Busting Five Myths About Egg Donation
  225. Snafu could stall food safety bill - BusinessWeek
  226. Military's gays policy harms health, doctor says - Reuters
  227. Improving Americans' health takes a community - The Associated Press
  228. FDA Panel Rejects Prostate Drugs for CA Prevention - MedPage Today
  229. AfDB Reiterates Commitment to HIV/Aids Campaign - AllAfrica.com
  230. Brain Scan Might Someday Spot Autism - U.S. News & World Report
  231. HHS looking for a few good apps - ModernHealthcare.com
  232. Fish Oil May Thwart Advanced AMD - MedPage Today
  233. Health Insurance Premiums Up, Benefits Down - WebMD
  234. Angel Trees help make Christmas special - Washington Times
  235. Emergency Docs on Call for Stroke Primary Prevention - MedPage Today
  236. Do your kids prefer junk food? Blame yourself - Hindustan Times
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  238. Perinatal Bisphenol-A Exposure May Affect Fertility
  239. FDA review scrutinizes weight loss with Orexigen Therapeutic's weight loss ... - Los
  240. Infidelity Might Be in the Genes - U.S. News & World Report
  241. Health care providers urge less radiation - msnbc.com
  242. Allergan urges broader use of weight-loss implant - Reuters
  243. New Jersey Closer to Sales of Medical Marijuana - New York Times
  244. Scientists reverse some age effects in mice - Los Angeles Times
  245. Friday last day for MI alcohol energy drink sales - BusinessWeek
  246. New Blood Thinner May Help Fight Dangerous Leg Clots - U.S. News & World Report
  247. Iowa Salvation Army reports theft of red kettle - Chicago Tribune
  248. Review insurance coverage - Charleston Post Courier
  249. Go JoCo | Program aims to help mentally ill petty criminals avoid jail - Kansas City
  250. Zoledronic Acid Shows Anticancer Activity In Multiple Myeloma Patients, As ... - Medi