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  2. Angelcare baby monitors recalled in Canada, US after 2 strangulation deaths - CTV New
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  10. Steady sleep schedule may help keep weight off - 13abc Action News
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  19. This little snack could lower your risk of death - Kingston Daily Freeman
  20. Meningitis victims hope for criminal charges - USA TODAY
  21. Go nuts for nuts -- they may help you live longer - Los Angeles Times
  22. Telemedicine consults may reduce errors at rural ERs - Reuters
  23. Brain region key to decision-making discovered - Medical News Today
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  25. Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CBST) Has Jumped To A New High On Study Results - RTT Ne
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  28. Kids Hospitalized for Flu Need Antiviral Meds Right Away: Study - WebMD
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  30. 'AIDS in Africa' tag out of date as progress differs: campaigners - Reuters
  31. Greece opens first injection room for drug addicts - GlobalPost
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  36. Want to Stay Young? Start Moving - WebMD
  37. Prostate cancer stem cells evolve into different cells - UPI.com
  38. Thalidomide May Help Kids With Crohn's Disease - U.S. News & World Report
  39. Tongue controller for the paralyzed offers greater independence - Reuters
  40. Researchers at University of Pittsburg create digital database of infectious ... - Wa
  41. New treatment 'could help spine injury patients walk' - Medical News Today
  42. Study unlocks trove of public health data to help fight deadly contagious diseases -
  43. Subconscious relationship doubts? Trust gut instincts - USA TODAY
  44. Cholesterol helps fuel growth of breast cancer - Herald Scotland
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  46. E-cigarettes: A solution to addictive smoking? - Allentown Morning Call
  47. Sex-starved fruit flies live shorter, more stressful lives - BBC News
  48. Agencies provide help with Affordable Care Act - Akron Beacon Journal
  49. Tongue stud to help drive wheelchair - Times of India
  50. Advances in screening, surgery help more survive lung cancer - Tampabay.com
  51. An AIDS-Free Generation? What Might the Future Hold? - Science World Report
  52. Linking transfer of fewer embryos to reimbursing 6 IVF cycles doesn't reduce delivery
  53. Immune system may play crucial role in mental health - USA TODAY
  54. Immune system may play crucial role in mental health - USA TODAY
  55. Immune system may play crucial role in mental health - Detroit Free Press
  56. Bryant proposes $4.4M to Mississippi hospitals - Houston Chronicle
  57. Do you know if your teen is 'sexting'? - San Jose Mercury News
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  59. Human stem cells converted to functional lung cells say scientists - Economic Times
  60. Another Successful Movember - 1011now
  61. High Chairs Help Toddlers Learn Messy Words - LiveScience.com
  62. Fertility doctors aim to lower rate of twin births - Businessweek
  63. Fertility doctors aim to lower rate of twin births - MiamiHerald.com
  64. Fertility doctors aim to lower rate of twin births - WRAL.com
  65. Fertility doctors aim to lower rate of twin births - WRAL.com
  66. Not twice the fun: Fertility docs try to lower twins birth rate - Today.com
  67. County Holding Free Flu Shot Clinics in Goleta, Lompoc - Noozhawk
  68. Brain-Training Device May Ease Stroke Paralysis - Health.com
  69. Brain-Training Device May Ease Stroke Paralysis - Health.com
  70. Rick Warren shares the good news about weight-loss plan - USA TODAY
  71. LA County AIDS Death Rate Drops 50 Percent: Study - Patch.com
  72. Benign obesity a myth, even if blood pressure, cholesterol 'healthy': study - CTV New
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  79. Hong Kong on high alert after first human case of H7N9 bird flu - CNN
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  81. Updated Healthcare.gov Gets Mixed Reviews - NPR
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  84. Updated healthcare.gov gets mixed reviews - STLtoday.com
  85. We compromise for the fear of being single - Times of India
  86. Exercise can help dementia patients - Times of India
  87. Microsoft working on a 'smart bra' to help stop emotional binge eating - Fox News
  88. Face transplants thriving 2 years after operations - Washington Post
  89. Face transplants thriving 2 years after operations - Washington Post
  90. Face transplants thriving 2 years after operations - San Francisco Chronicle
  91. Dense Breasts Riskier in Younger Women - MedPage Today
  92. Tuberculosis Vaccine Helps Prevent Multiple Sclerosis in Study - Businessweek
  93. Multiple Births on the Decline, CDC Reports - MedPage Today
  94. Multiple Births on the Decline, CDC Reports - MedPage Today
  95. NYC Council considers electronic cigarette ban - U.S. News & World Report
  96. Mom gives birth to naturally conceived triplets - WDAM-TV
  97. New technique may help predict cancer patient survival: study - GlobalPost
  98. New treatment may help eliminate HIV - Fox News
  99. Measles cases in US rise; most unvaccinated, CDC says - USA TODAY
  100. Exercise later in life tied to healthy aging - Reuters
  101. Russian diplomats charged with Medicaid fraud - Los Angeles Times
  102. Study casts doubt on whether extra vitamin D prevents disease - Reuters
  103. Certain diabetes drugs reduce cancer risk in women, study finds - Los Angeles Times
  104. Genetic Tester to Stop Providing Data on Health Risks - New York Times
  105. IVF improving but fertility treatments keep multiple births high
  106. Carrie Underwood 'proud' of 'Sound of Music' - USA TODAY
  107. FDA Approves Pill to Treat Hepatitis C - New York Times
  108. Don't worry curved penis sufferers, the FDA is here to help - Science Recorder
  109. Designer Immune Cells Diminish Cancer in Leukemia Patients - Businessweek
  110. Test that can give two year warning of Alzheimers - Daily Mail
  111. New York City proposal seeks ban on electronic cigarette use in public - Fox News
  112. Metuchen 'Jingle Bell Run' brings out thousands to fight arthritis (photos) - The Sta
  113. Princeton starts offering meningitis B vaccination to students - CNN
  114. Acura Pharma: FDA to Further Review Aversion Study; Shares Up - Wall Street Journal
  115. Saudi Arabia plants to map genomes of 100000 citizens - Fox News
  116. Menstrual cramps relieved by erectile dysfunction drug - Medical News Today
  117. Quicker Action Needed on HIV Prevention - Voice of America
  118. Acura Pharma and FDA discuss anti-abuse pain pill - Businessweek
  119. Exercise helps breast cancer survivors maintain bone density - UPI.com
  120. Real world estimates of out-of-pocket costs for infertility treatment
  121. Is Organic Milk Better for You? It Might Be - Businessweek
  122. Novo Nordisk A/S: Stock split information - MarketWatch
  123. Health care exchange is vastly improved, participants say - Honolulu Star-Advertiser
  124. Smoking cessation products pose no serious heart risks: study - Xinhua
  125. Penalties Help Lower Hospital Readmissions, Medicare Says - Medscape
  126. Insurance Changes Raise Concerns for HIV Patients - New York Times
  127. Eyes are better at mental snapshots than cameras, study suggests - CNN
  128. With $3M From Andreessen And Others, Doctor On Demand Launches To Bring ... - TechCru
  129. Ethical concerns about marketing loans for fertility treatments
  130. FDA to phase out some antibiotic use in animal production - Reuters
  131. Long-term antacid use linked to vitamin B12 deficiency - Medical News Today
  132. Dementia: Five priorities - BBC News
  133. Studies: Some cancer treatments can be skipped - News & Observer
  134. A Father's Diet Before Baby-Making Is Nearly As Important As A Pregnant Mother's - Un
  135. Studies: Can skip some breast cancer treatment - Philly.com
  136. How to Regulate the E-Cigarette Industry - Bloomberg
  137. Head injuries in one football season cause measurable brain damage - Los Angeles Time
  138. New Flu Vaccine May Provide More Protection to Kids - Philly.com
  139. Millions for increased mental illness therapy, substance abuse - UPI.com
  140. Study ranks NH as fifth healthiest state in nation for 2013 - The Union Leader
  141. Boston Scientific's Watchman Wins FDA Panel's Backing - Bloomberg
  142. D-Day for Eli Lilly: Generic foes arrive for $5B antidepressant Cymbalta - FiercePhar
  143. Man Travels Country in Pink Tutu to Cheer Up Wife During Her Cancer Treatment - Peopl
  144. Marines who suffered brain injuries doubled risk of PTSD, study finds - Los Angeles T
  145. Can parasitic worms or hot baths treat autism? - Mother Nature Network
  146. Flu vaccine kept 80000 out of hospital last year, CDC says - NBCNews.com
  147. Group Says Plans Discourage HIV Patients - Wall Street Journal
  148. Hormone-blocker slashes breast cancer risk, study shows - Fox News
  149. Two Experimental Breast-Cancer Drugs Pass Major Milestone in Study - Wall Street Jour
  150. Exercise may increase libido among women taking antidepressants - Medical News Today
  151. Exercise Might Lift Libido in Women on Antidepressants - Philly.com
  152. Sugar Trumps Fat in Driving Unhealthy Eating: Study - WebMD
  153. Meningitis vaccine being considered for UC Santa Barbara students - Los Angeles Times
  154. Woman seeks kidney using hand-painted billboard - Kansas City Star
  155. Once-condemned doctor turns to helping Haitians - Washington Post
  156. Obamacare website back up ahead of schedule after maintenance - Reuters
  157. FDA Approves First Device that Can Relieve Migraine Headaches - Headlines & Global Ne
  158. Once-condemned doctor turns to helping Haitians - Kansas City Star
  159. Once-criticized doctor turns to helping Haitians - WFAA
  160. Once-condemned doctor turns to helping Haitians - Boston.com
  161. FDA Fighting The Antibiotic Backlash In U.S. Meat - WCAI
  162. Mental illness and criminal justice: Law enforcement copes with issues hospitals ...
  163. Exercise helps women tolerate breast cancer drugs - Seacoastonline.com
  164. Donating Blood with the Red Cross - Hometownlife.com
  165. FDA examining antibacterial soaps, body washes - CNN
  166. E-cigarette row could block new EU tobacco rules: diplomats - Reuters
  167. Fight for cheap drugs shifts from AIDS to new hepatitis pills - Fox News
  168. Fracking Sites Tied to Hormone Disruptors - MedPage Today
  169. Postop RT Study 'Very Likely' to Change Breast Cancer Practice - Medscape
  170. New Rules Eases Claim Requirements for Vets with Traumatic Brain Injury - GovExec.com
  171. 5-FU Strikes Out in Early-Stage Breast Ca - MedPage Today
  172. Six-of-10 uninsured African-Americans helped by government - UPI.com
  173. Experts: Don't Waste Your Money on Multivitamins - WebMD
  174. Diabetes Drug Metformin Tied to Slight Weight Loss in Obese Kids - Philly.com
  175. Program for grandparents may improve child behavior - Reuters
  176. Delving Into Brain Injuries With the NFL's Money - New York Times
  177. Worst moments of 2013: Justina Pelletier taken from parents over alleged ... - The Gl
  178. Exercise counters effect of Christmas excess on metabolism - Medical News Today
  179. Metformin for Obese, Nondiabetic Children? No Meaningful Weight Loss - Medscape
  180. GSK to stop paying doctors in major marketing overhaul - Reuters
  181. Claims of virgin births in US near 1 percent: study - Reuters
  182. Ear Acupuncture May Hold Promise for Weight Loss - Philly.com
  183. Study: Fracking fluids could disrupt hormones, raise infertility risk - Al Jazeera Am
  184. SF program pushes immediate HIV treatment - San Francisco Chronicle
  185. Apple-a-day call for all over-50s - BBC News
  186. Older Women Sedentary for Most of Their Day, Study Finds - Bloomberg
  187. Family wants brain-dead girl on life support after tonsil surgery - Los Angeles Times
  188. Advice would put fewer Americans on blood pressure meds - USA TODAY
  189. HIV/AIDS fight needs more funding - Times of Zambia
  190. FDA: antibacterial soaps may do more harm than good - natmonitor.com
  191. How The US Helped Fight The Global AIDS Epidemic - ideastream
  192. Jolie's Mastectomy Didn't Help Cancer Awareness, Study Finds - Businessweek
  193. Endocrine-disrupting activity linked to birth defects, infertility near fracking site
  194. Smokers likelier to quit under strict smoking bans - Times of India
  195. Sanofi to tap ACC registry for cardiovascular clinical trial - Economic Times
  196. International Stem Cell Corporation's Liver Program Receives Award - Wall Street Jour
  197. Take a chill pill: Aspirin might help control your temper - natmonitor.com
  198. Tomato-Rich Diet Lowers Breast Cancer Risk, Study - University Herald
  199. Take a chill pill: Aspirin might help control your temper - natmonitor.com
  200. New studies detail how HIV affects immune system, claim drug exists to block virus -
  201. Are e-cigs a tobacco problem or part of the solution? - Los Angeles Times
  202. Brain stimulation may help drivers with Parkison's Disease - WNYT
  203. Studies Suggest You Can Help Your Heart By Walking More And Eating More ... - Forbes
  204. Studies Suggest You Can Help Your Heart By Walking More And Eating More ... - Forbes
  205. Flu-like activity increasing in Houston and Texas - Houston Chronicle
  206. Ageing reversed as scientists discover how to turn clock back in mammals - Telegraph.
  207. IVF success could double with new way of detecting faulty egg cells
  208. Dog Sniffs Out Girl's Disease, Even in Operating Room - ABC News
  209. Walking 2000 more steps each day reduces cardiovascular risk - Medical News Today
  210. Narcolepsy Is Actually An Autoimmune Disease? Condition Could Be Triggered ... - Head
  211. FDA Doesn't Regulate Supplements - WDTV
  212. Half of Americans Take Vitamins Regularly - Gallup.com
  213. French implant firm Carmat could seek investors: co-founder - Reuters
  214. Walking to a Healthier Heart: 2000 Extra Steps a Day Decreases Risk of ... - Science
  215. A little alcohol boosts immune systems in monkeys, study finds - Toronto Sun
  216. Girl gets new hand for Christmas - KPLC-TV
  217. Program helps recovery after cancer treatments - Westport-News
  218. A child's flu vaccine can help the elderly from dying of flu - UPI.com
  219. Program helps recovery after cancer treatments - NorthJersey.com
  220. Program helps recovery after cancer treatments - Danbury News Times
  221. Calif. island's bison benefit from birth control - San Francisco Chronicle
  222. Program helps recovery after cancer treatments - Merced Sun-Star
  223. Program helps recovery after cancer treatments - Houston Chronicle
  224. American Red Cross Expects Decline in Blood and Platelet Donations - KCSG
  225. More deaths reported as Biokangtai hepatitis B vaccines halted - Xinhua
  226. Last-minute insurance shoppers face down deadline - KFOX El Paso
  227. Lactation consultants can boost breastfeeding - Reuters India
  228. Eating More Nuts During Pregnancy Might Help Prevent Allergies in Kids: Study - WebMD
  229. Lactation consultants can boost breastfeeding - Reuters
  230. Help available for employers supporting breastfeeding moms - LimaOhio.com
  231. Testosterone may make men likely to get the flu, study finds - NBCNews.com
  232. Vaccines help reduce flu cases: CDC - Chicago Tribune
  233. McDonald's employee site bashes fast food - NBCNews.com
  234. Bariatric surgery: Things you must know - Times of India
  235. Overcoming performance anxiety: get excited - Boston Globe
  236. Behavioral therapy may treat migraines in kids, teens - Reuters
  237. Therapy That Confronts Trauma of Sexual Abuse Helped Teen Girls With PTSD - Philly.co
  238. Administration eases off ObamaCare deadline, offers reprieve to those unable to ... -
  239. Extra Time Offered to Some Who Miss Health Deadline - Wall Street Journal
  240. Breast cancer drugs: real and fake acupuncture 'relieves side effects' - Medical News
  241. Seniors, Disabled Get Help Feeding Furry Friends - NPR
  242. Patchwork of ObamaCare insurance deadlines adds to confusion - Fox News
  243. Blood Donations Drop During Holiday Season, Though Need Continues - 90.5 WESA
  244. Professor: State should spend more on anti-smoking - NECN
  245. ER Costs for Mentally Ill Soar, and Hospitals Seek Better Way - New York Times
  246. Expert proposes user fee for agriculture use of antibiotics - UPI.com
  247. Knee pain? Surgery may not be a solution - Times of India
  248. Food banks get needed red meat from Ohio hunters - WKSU News
  249. Diabetes 2 Gene Variant May Have Been Passed From Neanderthals To Latin ... - Headlin
  250. Surgery With Follow-Up Radiation Best for Tongue Cancer: Study - Philly.com