View Full Version : I got the bracelet.....if you want to send Alison a charm....

01-11-2008, 11:40 AM
email me at maryannmattson@hughes.net
and I will email you Alisons address.
I talked with the lady at the local jewlery store....and we decided to do a Italian charm bracelet.....because those charms are more affordable. I really want anyone who wants to send something to Alison....to be able to afford to do so. These charms start at $3.00 and then you can get as fancy as you like!

I got her the bracelet and the following charms:
A and a L.....put next to eachother to spell AL
H for her daughter
D for her son
Idaho Potato
2 coffee charms
2 Angel charms
A cross charm
A dangley heart charm
and some Angel charms

If I get alot of emails.....I am going to get another bracelet to go with this one. I am not going to mail it until tomorrow or Monday.

Let me know!