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Thread: Could really use some organized activity suggestions for 6YO with mild PDD

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    Default Could really use some organized activity suggestions for 6YO with mild PDD

    DS was 6 in November and is in kindergarten. A great deal of his socialization and interaction with his peers since the school year started has been in unstructured play after school. What I've come to realize (and in a heart to heart, he confirmed) is that that's simply too high stress of an "arena" for him. He really needs things that are more structured and directed and not 100% dependent on social skills.

    He and I have been working on a list of activities for him - despite my worries about "overscheduling" kids, I really think this is a time that we do need to provide him with more structured activities than I would typically think of doing. He does winter soccer and will be playing squirts soccer in the spring. He also really wants to take a Saturday afternoon golf class in the spring. I am looking into a social skills group that is run by art therapists that his play therapist suggested.

    These are all, however, kind of spotty and seasonal. I'd like to find some other things to fill in his week. He's tried martial arts in the past and it wasn't a good fit for some reason, unfortunately, because I think in some ways it's very suitable for him. He is also very interested in learning to play the drums, but I don't think he really has a concept at this point of what lessons and practice encompass, so I would like to put that on the back burner for now.

    Any other suggestions? There are clubs and stuff at school, but they are generally for first grade and up.

    Help! Thanks...

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    Let's see, I'm just going to list some things out that we have tried:

    Swim team (our ymca has one that starts in K)
    Children's Yoga
    Art class (favorite for both of mine)
    What about a differnt type of martial arts/different instructor, etc.
    Ice Skating lessons

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    Default Have you tried gymnastics?

    Dd is SID but really lags in her social skills. She has been doing Little Gym and does well with it, I think because it highlights so much of what works for her SID. They do some hanging on the bars, lots of jumping on trampolines,
    and other activities that help her stay organized. There is a social component to it in that they do a brief circle activity. There is an equal number of boys and girls in her class (5-6yo) and it runs all year. It's interesting, there are so many parents there who have tried one thing or another for their children with special needs and have finally had success with gym. Dd also enjoyed yoga for awhile and absolutely loved a summer cooking class.

    Good luck!

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    I agree with Suzi about looking into a different venue for martial arts. DS bombed at team sports for coordination issues but TKD was a good fit for a year or two, seemed to have as much or as little as a social component as the kids wanted and more individual goal oriented.

    I also agree that year round swimming might be a good choice too.

    good luck

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    I am a huge fan of soccer. My now 7 yr old is still uncoordinated, but has been playing soccer since age 5.
    We only do 1 activity for fall and spring though. I am not a big fan of organized activities before age 10. And this is from a mom with one child who thrives on schedules,etc.

    As for martial arts, I wish I could get my ds into it, he has no interest. I tried taking him to the class in Spring, but he had huge meltdown. In our area they do have an insturctor who works speicifically with PDD-nos/Autisitic,etc children teaching martial arts

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    Hope this isn't too bargey-

    We've found swimming to be a great activity for DS specifically for his sensory issues -it is a total-body activity that gets all of his parts working together and requires moving himself through 3D space. It really made a difference early onwhen he was really having problems, and I notice when we stop doing it for awhile that I see a behavior difference...

    I think martial arts of some kind could provide the same thing, and DS has expressed interest. I'm concerned right now that we'd have a hard time finding a teacher who would be understanding of DS's very real inability to fully understand what the lower half of his body is actually doing - we really lucked out with some early swim teachers.

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    Default Belatedly, a second vote on gymnastics (m)

    We chose gymnastics as a second event for dd...she is already in dance.

    Her lil bro who is 3 also takes gymnastics.

    DD is not the most coordinated, but it is a good choice for her because her ability to do well depends on HER...she's not competing against other kids (which tends to raise the meany in her). I do run into her wanting to quit or give up when it gets hard...but I've also tried to use that as a learning opportunity.

    I asked her teacher earlier this week how she was doign (she started in Sept). He said she's doing well...he has already seen a difference in her attention span and he can tell she is really trying.

    Anyway, I would suggest giving it a try...our class is very, very small. Usually dd has 3-4 girls in her class, and ds usually has 2 other kids, one boy and one girl. It teaches a lot of self-discipline like martial arts and focusing. And perseverance, and also body knowledge. What is that called again? Priorcept something or other...knowledge of where the body is in space? I think its' good for that. The kids work together, but it's not the social hour, so it is not really an opportunity for social skills, but it IS a good way to be fit and not have to deal with the whole team sports thing.

    We tried soccer when dd was younger and it was a total bomb. I don't think we'll go back to it anytime soon. I know partly it's my own bias - I hated soccer and other team sports as a kid. Really, really hated them. Anyway, for dd's attentional issues, it was horrible. She'd sit in the grass and star at the sky...there were plenty of other kids to kick the ball, why should she bother?

    I would like for her to do T-ball though. I think she'd enjoy it. But I don' tknow...the focus on HER when it's her turn to bat might be more than she can handle (she hates people looking at her). I know that's also part of gymnastics, but she doesn't know that! LOL In dance they are in a group so it's ok.

    Good luck!


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    Default Horseback Riding

    If he likes horses of course

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