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Thread: Has anyone opted for blood titer for MMR instead of booster? Xpost PAI

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    Default Has anyone opted for blood titer for MMR instead of booster? Xpost PAI

    My DS (4 next month) needs to be scheduled for his MMR booster next month when he turns 4. I had vaccinated him for everything the pedi recommended but now that I have an option to get him tested for immunity to MMR, I'm second-guessing whether or not I just want him to get the booster.

    He has a history of some slight developmental delays (mostly speech) and sensory issues although he's pretty well caught up now since being in SNPS. Even though autism isn't really a concern and the connection between the two is far from proven, I hate to give him a vaccine if he has the immunity from his first MMR vaccine. If he never had any developmental issues, I wouldn't give it a second thought. I know my pedi won't agree with me and recommends the vaccine but I want to feel secure in my decision before I go in there. I have to pick up the script for the BW and then I'll see the Dr. at the appt. He'll respect my decision even though he doesn't agree..He knows it's ultimately up to me but I want to get a feel for how many of you have done this. My cousin did this with her 4 yr old and he was found to be immune so no booster for him. Then I read another website that said the second dose is to boost the immunity of those already immune. I know the vaccine debate is a hot topic and I don't want to start anything. I've always gone along with what was recommended but I want to make sure I make the right decision with DS. I would never forgive myself if he came down with one of these diseases but I don't know if the second dose really helps "sustain immunity" as one other mother posted or it's just to fill the gaps. The CDC website says the second dose is given since 2-5% of children don't become immune after the first dose. That seems like a pretty low percentage that REALLY need a second dose. Even after 2 doses there is still 1% who still don't have immunity so I guess nothing is foolproof. What do you think? Thanks.

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    ds cant get the mmr due to severe egg allergy but i have been tested for mmr titers to avoid booster in college. i would have no problems getting titers drawn to avoid an unecessary shot for my child. hugs

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    The second dose is actually to cover the 2-5% of children who don't become immune after the first dose. It is FAR cheaper to just give the second dose than to do a titer on every child. It has nothing to do with boosting immunity whatsoever - that website is way wrong.

    The titer should actually give you a score of how immune they are, and you could decide from that if they are immune enough for your comfort level. For example, my ds's score was in the 8 range for measles, and immune is anything above 2. No brainer not to get him immunized and actually his doc feels he probably has live measles virus (from the vaccine) in his system based on that number.

    With your child's history, I'd totally recommend a titer. If nothing else, at least ask that they be split into the three separate vaccines and do the measles last - the realtiy is in some states they don't HAVE to get the MMR booster until they enter K, so the magical age 4 number isn't quite right in every case. Basically, it's all about money - the titers are expensive, but if your doctor agrees to order it, many insurance companies will cover them.

    Good luck and good for you for both knowing about this and being concerned about it. There's enough anecdotal evidence as well as studies that have been done on children with autism who do in fact have vaccine traceable measles virus in their GI systems to be very, very concerned. Especially because it's impossible to know who is susceptible and who isn't, so why risk it if you don't have to!


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    We had titers done for all the scheduled vaccines my son "needed". His came back fine for MMR, but low for polio and DTaP. So, at some point he will get 2 more boosters (when I am sure he is 100% healthy). Until then if there is an outbreak (pertussis is most likely) at school, he will have to stay home (maybe a month or more). I did only have to sign the objection form for school.

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    Default We will be doing titers AND I was pleasantly surprised

    that we get to delay the issue another year anyway... Our pedi does not give the MMR until age 5... and he is willing to do the titers...

    We don't know and may never know what caused our trio's delays or the PPD-NOS in one... I am highly suspect on the huge assault vaccines may play on some immune systems, especially preterm children, even if you cannot see the results immediately... after some reading, I soooooo wish I had had the vaccine info prior to getting my children vaccinated.... YES, I actually would still vaccinate, but at a SLOW rate, and separately...

    Sooooo, next year we will be doing titers and avoiding any vaccines that my children already show immunity to...

    My son is SLOWLY recovering from delays, and it is possible in my mind it is because his immune system is recovering from whatever may have assaulted his system since birth (environment, vaccines??? who knows for sure) and whether his recovery is from therapies, age progression, diet/supplements or whatever, since vaccines IS a possibility for an assault and regression, it is simply NOT a risk I am willing to take...

    ((hugs)) not an easy decision to come to for me, especially with all the social pressures and my own scientific way of thinking... Laura
    b/b/b 10/18/02
    One of which has PPD/NOS and partial agenesis of corpus callosum... the others with continual physical delays...

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