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    Default Ugh

    Emily was diagnosed with ADHD today. Given the teacher questionairre and our at home eval, we are agreeing to a trial of Ritalin. The teacher will then complete the post-med questionairre and we will meet with the doctor to discuss our next step. I'm exhausted from trying to figure this almost 6 year old out. It's so stressful. The trip to the doctor's office today was awful. She was in one of her "moods" and I also had my 2 year old with me who copies everything she does. Needless to say, I was relieved to get the appt. over with and get out of there. How embarrassing. People were staring and I tried like mad to control the situation. I'm hoping the Ritalin will also help with the SID, especially the sleep issues. Has anyone noticed this to be the case?
    I feel bad for saying this, but lately it's been hard to like Emily. I love her to death but it's so emotionally draining dealing with her.

    Emily 2/22/01
    SID and now ADHD

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    Default I am sorry

    that things have been so hard. I hope this diagnosis helps and the medication will too. I don't know about ADHD and how it might help the SID but I hope that it helps a lot!

    When do you start?

    I remember wondering at one point when things were really bad with Sierra if I loved her or not. That was a hard time.


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    Default It is a start...

    and even though you'd rather she didn't have anything, it is better to know and try to help her. I've not found that being on ADHD meds has helped my dd with any sleep issues. In fact, it has made her not sleepy for a little longer at night. I also found that seeing a behavior therapist really really helped us. Our dd didn't actually see the therapist. I went and when DH could attend, he did too. She gave us "homework" each week to help modify the behavior at home. Studies have shown that children with ADHD do best with both meds and therapy. GL and keep me posted!

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    I'm not even going to say I'm sorry. I'm GLAD that you found out. The more information you have, the more you can do for her.

    I'd agree with Suzi's advice to include therapy and not just try to rely on meds. Meds alone just don't cut it. And as she gets older you'll have more/different issues. She needs you to teach her how to deal with the issues.

    Not sure if you realize, but Tobin has ADHD as well as SID and Amelia has ADD with some mild SID issues. I suspect we'll get an ADD dx for Ansley at some point too. I would suspect Emily is more like Tobin in that combination of issues. It can be REALLY difficult to deal with because there's no clear cut method. (ie: with Ansley she is strictly sensory averse so it makes it very easy - she needs calming) Just take it one step at a time. Don't be afraid to modify your parenting to fit her needs.

    Many many (((Hugs))) as you figure this out. But no condolences. She is still your sweet loving little girl and nothing changes that.


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    Default Hey Stacy, Hayley was just diagnosed as well

    And I feel the same way you say about Hayley sometimes. She is just SO hard to get along with and just never ever ever stops moving or talking or singing or dancing or.... get the idea?

    Read my post above, was surprised we did not get Ritalin today at the doctor's office so curious how this will do.

    Hugs, we can get thru this together.

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    Default Hi Stacy

    Just wanted to say hello....I don't know much about adhd, but
    wanted to welcome you. I hope the trial of Ritalin works out well. Please
    keep us posted.

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