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Thread: If only I were rich...(sib ment)

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    Default If only I were rich...(sib ment)

    *sigh* I've been visiting private schools lately, just to see if there was a better option out there for us. Lesson learned: don't go to the Ferrari dealership when you can only afford a Geo! LOL. I spoke to an educational consultant who works with SN kids, and she recommended this one school. I toured it last week, and it was just a wonderful place. They made learning so dynamic and fun, it made me want to go back to school . Most importantly, there are two full-time, highly experienced teachers for each class of 18 kids, and for reading, they have a parent and academic support person help out - so the ratio gets broken down even further. Now my DS is in a class of 18 and the comment on his report card "I wish I had time to hear all Ryan has to say." Her comment when he struggled with an assignment in school "I wish I had more time to help him with the assignment". UGH.

    At this point, his issues don't warrant more intervention, and he's perfectly happy in school. But the gap between his strengths and weaknesses is just growing, and the upper grades are going to be a struggle. My DH and I have had some long, hard conversations on whether we want to mortgage ourselves to the hilt to get him into this school. It would cost $32k to send both of our kids!!!

    Oh well. We've pretty much decided to take our chances with the public school, but it's such a hard decision, esp after seeing this incredibly dynamic, exciting learning environment. It doesn't even resemble their current school. On a more positive note, I wanted to share a photo of Ryan...We were going to a participatory theater production of Aladdin and Jasmine and he ASKED, VOLUNTARILY, if he could dress up as Prince Ali. With his strong perservative interests (space, human body) and disdain for 'fantasy/dress-up' play, it was pretty cool that he wanted to participate. This is Ryan and his sister on their magic carpet before the production. Thanks for peeking! We just got back from a weekend trip to 'Astromony Day' at a science museum in Vermont. We met a real astronaut, and watched a video of his space shuttle voyage. It was so cool. I got all teary, feeling grateful that I have wonderful kids - who give me an excuse to do such fun things...

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    If you were rich then you'd only have a pile of replacement problems...

    I have so been there on the school thing. When the local elem just wasn't getting DS and didn't care to I too fell in love with the Rolls Royce of local privates. Probably luckily for us and our hopes of college for the kids and retirement he did not get in. So point number one is that this awesome school likely has a list a mile long to get in and very few spots, no guarantee they will recognize the sweetness and brilliance and perfect fit of your child/ren.

    The next year I looked at schools even harder and found the district GT magnet, the stars lined up, luck was involved and DS got in and it is free but for the inconvenience of getting him 15 miles away and back. Like all things in life it is not perfect, it is a commuter school and a social community void, friends are now scattered in a 15 mile radius, etc. Point two, you could be trading one set of issues for another, sounds like there could be some serious socio-economic gaps there and I think private schools tend to breed their own set of social issues. Didn't you move to your current house for the school/community closeness?

    When you are dissastified with your current anything I think you tend to see replacements thru very rosy colored glasses, human nature and tends to make you feel bad. I think happy should be about the top of the school requirement criteria (and it is way easier to say than do) and it sounds like Ryan is happy. Hopefully that will continue but if/when it doesn't that will give you more impetus to make a change, find the money, decide to split them and go into hock for his tuition, work in the lunchroom for tuition discount, etc. 'Knowing' you, when the time is necessary you will find a way.

    It always stinks to want something you can't have, and when it involves our kids it is 100 times worse. Good luck getting happy with your reality or finding a way to change it!


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    The school does sound great and I know what you mean about wanting to be rich! It's hard to make decisions that so directly affect your financial future! It's not the same exactly but I am trying to decide whether to change to the YMCA for our summer and after school care next school year. It will save us $200 a month but it is a complicated decision with kids with SID.

    I hope the public school gives you what you need and that it all works out. The pics are great and that is so cool that he wanted to dress up!


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    Hi Justine - I've meant to post to you sooner about your school dilemna. Things are so busy here, and I didn't have much to say that wasn't already said by others.

    A few thoughts about the private school. First, you had mentioned that the combined cost for both your kids would be $32K. Could you separate your kids, and just send your son to the private school? I've been sending my twin sons to two different schools since they started pre-school in Sept '04, and it has worked well for us.

    Second, is it possible to get some reimbursement from your local or state board of education. I don't know much about this, but a friend of mine gets a huge reimbursement for her son's tuition at a private school because there just aren't any public schools that meet his needs. It involves going to court every year, but she gets all but approx $6K back each year.

    In any event, I'm glad that your son is doing well in public school. It's also wonderful that his class size is fairly small. Most of the general ed classes here are 25 or more kids.


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