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Thread: 1 week on meds/report card

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    stacers Guest

    Default 1 week on meds/report card

    I sent in the form for her teacher to fill out. We never got it back. After writing two notes to her, she finally called me at home last night.
    She said she was not sure how to fill it out now because up until about a week ago she would've said Emily had classic signs of ADHD. YAY, that's good because she's been on meds for about a week!
    She proceeded to tell me she had already filled out Emily's report card. Sure enough, the comments said she was impulsive and makes bad behavior choices when interacting with her peers. Sounds about right.

    I do have a question about the Ritalin. We find that by 5pm she is obnoxious and bouncing off the walls. Bedtime is a nightmare (always has been). Is there something natural that we could give her to help her sleep? Her problem is falling asleep. Once she's out she stays asleep for the rest of the night.

    Emily 6 this month! SID/ADHD

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    Christine S Guest


    Melatonin. Works great for Tobin AND for me too!

    I'm glad you are seeing such a big difference with the meds.


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    stacers Guest

    Default Thanks C

    Well, we're not seeing the change but her teacher is! I'm more than willing to deal with her at home as the meds wear off. If she's improving at school that's all I care about. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm going to look for some Melatonin. Is it all natural? Tobin and Emily are so much alike.


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    Christine S Guest


    As I understand it, it is a natural substance that occurs in the brain which tells us it's time to go to sleep. Many kids with SID or ADD do NOT have enough of this.

    Now I've found if I give it to Tobin and he is still moving around the house, he will NOT fall asleep. But if you can keep him down for 15-20 minutes, he's out. So do it right when you are ready to put her down and do your regular bedtime routine (assuming it includes reading or some quiet activity).

    BTW...each child is different, but we found Tobin does just fine on 1/3 mg. It's a little harder to find around here in that low of a doseage, but we have our phamacy special order it. Others here have gone up to 1-3mg.

    We also found that it's not needed every single night. We use it when necessary...which usually equals for a week or two here and there. It sort of comes/goes as they cycle (not sure if you've noticed the cycling either....lots of ups/downs with ADD).


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    Tanner's insane after meds wear off, too. So much so that I took him off it last week. I couldn't take it. I'm trying to decide what to do next.

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    yep, by 4-5p Concerta/ritalin has worn all the way off and Lauren would be back to her excitable self. And getting her to bed was horrible...she'd be up til 11p completely awake.
    We went w/ Clonazepam (another med) to get her to calmed down and ready to sleep and it worked.
    Then we stopped that and just went w/ Melatonin.
    The Clonazepam also helped her NOT have night terrors as well. Which have been more infrequent as she's gotten older (she's had them since age 2 yrs). Still (now at 12 yrs has them about 2 x's a wk and is NOT taking meds for them unless she spends the night at a friends house).

    Concerta is the "all day" version of Ritalin. So I'd give Lauren 5 mg (then we bumped up to 10 mg) in the am to "jump start" her on getting ready for sch and she also got (at the same time) her Concerta which was her "long lasting" ritalin to get her thru the day - but either way it was all worn off by 5p.


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    Same problem here, we need to get our girls together!

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    Default melatonin 500 Micro-grams is our dose

    and it has changed our lives completely. Our girl fought sleep every single night for hours on end...nothing helped until melatonin.

    She takes a low dose, but our doc told us today that the normal dose for melatonin is starting at 500 micrograms, up to the max of 3 grams.

    If you have a "trader Joes" store near you, you can get minty flavored 500 microgram tablets of melatonin. I bet you can even get it online. Dd LOVES the taste, and eats it without trouble every night.

    Within 20 minutes she is down for the night. It has changed our lives SOOO much.

    Sometimes she will wake up early, but not often.

    Let us know how it works for you if you try it.

    ella, 3

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    stacers Guest

    Default Holy Miracle Supplement!!!

    I wanted to try it for 2 nights in a row before I said anything.
    This supplement is solid gold!
    Thank you all so much for recommending it. She was asleep within an hour the first night and within 30 minutes the second (last night).
    Usually it takes 4-6 hours to get her to sleep.

    OMG....Dh and I didn't know what to do with ourselves last night with both kids sleeping by 8:30pm.

    Emily almost 6

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    Christine S Guest


    Yep. Isn't it wonderful. We are very thankful for it as well. T's sleep issues are FAR better than in the past, but we still have a need for it here and there.


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