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Thread: Generics vs brand names for ADHD meds?

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    Default Generics vs brand names for ADHD meds?

    Just talked to our nurse about the meds and she said my ped doesnt think the generic ADHD meds work as well as the brand names. She said that is the one type of drugs where she thinks it makes a difference.

    Do any of you use generics? I called the insurance and Adderall XR is 30 bucks, the normal is 70 bucks, that makes no sense. Seems like it should be other way around. Concerta is 30, Ritalin brand name is 50, generic 15.

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    Default Did you read the report I posted about last week?

    It gives answers to some of your questions and if you do a google search you can come up with more recent info on ADHD drug generics.

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    Default Adderall XR and other brand name meds.

    are specially formulated to cut down on side effects. I just had this discussion with ds' ped. today about putting him on a non-XR afternoon dose in addition to his morning XR (Focalin). She was hesitant to put him on generic ritalin and convinced me to try the plain Focalin in the afternoons. If was only $25 instead of the $50 we pay for XR.


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    Default I don't know anything specifically about ADHD generics..

    but generics in general I think can have a range of the amount of the active ingredient where name brands have more controlled amounts. For something like ADHD, I'd think that would be very important.

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