almost all his classes in 7th grade. I know this kid...he's a GREAT kid. He actually babysits for us at times. Very responsible with my children. Even insisted on taking a babysitting class.

From everything my friend has said about her ds, I would suspect he could have ADD. He shows a lot of the same symptoms *I* did at that age. My friend is a preschool teacher, very well educated in these issues and is a great parent. But I dont' think she SEES what I am seeing. I've made some very subtle suggestions to her, but I don't think she'll get it unless I say it outright. Not sure if I should or not.

Anyhow, every time I've seen her in the last couple days she's been in tears. I just want to help in whatever way I can. I've already told her to call me anytime if she needs to talk.

This hits me pretty hard because I see it could be ME with my own kids some day.