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Thread: Health concerns with ADHD meds?

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    Default Health concerns with ADHD meds?

    I was reading an article today on the bus about the new guidelines that they are putting out about the ADHD meds and possible connections with heart problems.

    I think this was one of the articles my mom was going to send me to convince me not to have my DD on meds.

    Did anyone specifically ask their ped about this?



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    Default this has been ongoing for years. there are issues with

    situations where there is an underlying (possibly unknown) heart defect or irregularity. This is not something new to arise. I will not stop the meds due to the unknown--if my child were marginal though in ADHD, I would. I am having my kiddos evaluated my my SIL though next year for unknown heart defects (she is a cardiologist in Canada).

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