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Thread: Auditory Processing Disorder?

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    Default Auditory Processing Disorder?

    I'm wondering about anyone here who's child has auditory processing disorder. My brother had it (undiagnosed until later in life) and didn't learn to read until he was in the 2nd or 3rd grade and then all of a sudden put it together and read at 6th grade levels.

    Our OT thinks its a possibility that Savanna has it but we haven't really gone down that path yet. I'm wondering what I should look for, what I need to worry about, questions to ask, etc. She is very smart and I want to be sure to get her what she needs so she can learn to read, etc. She starts pre-k at her elementary school in August this year.

    I've searched it on the internet but still feel confused and need some direction. Still don't know if it is a problem for her but it seems like it might be.



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    Hi, not formally dx yet, but my 7.5 year old probably has some sort of processign disorder. I will post great book a read years ago in the other post about disorder.


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    if you google central auditory processing disorder or CAPD, you will get lots of hits. ds is being evald for this-this year. its been suspected for several years but the test for it requires they have reading and comprehension skills of a 6-8yr old level. hugs

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    Default I have lots of infor....


    My DS was dx with auditory processing disorder (CAPD) and then a visual processing disorder a year later. We have undergone lots of therapy and tutoring. Please drop me an email off group and I will be happy to share with you some web resources.

    To get you started, read the book, When the Brain Can't Hear by Teri Bellis
    Heres a link from amazon, but you might also try your local library...


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