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Thread: Overdue update

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    Default Overdue update

    We were away in FL for 2 weeks and have been home for a week now. We stayed at my inlaws house most of the time but went to disney for 2 1/2 days during the first week.

    The first week was brutal. We learned that Jacob is extremely!!! sensitive to the amount of sleep he gets and the amount of downtime he gets in a day. We had him in a room with Reuben and it was terrible. They have totally different sleep cycles and Jacob was very overtired. I'm sure you can all imagine what things were like. Also there was only 1 day in the first week where we had "quiet time" where each child was in a room.

    The second week I made sure that he got more sleep, downtime and time away from everyone else. That helped a lot. We also got to the beach 3 times the second week.

    Things are finally getting back to "normal" around here. Thankfully but I've been sick from the moment we got home which is just no fun.

    We really enjoyed most of our time away. It was very difficult being in my inlaws house. The kids couldn't touch everything. We had to be constantly on top of them at all times - so stressful for us and them. This is our 3rd year staying at their house but the boys are at that age and well jacob is challenging. My mom and her boyfriend offered their house next year. They said they would move to my mom's old apt so we could have the whole house and not worry about anything. I think that will be much better.

    Also we had to deal with dh's parents criticizing our parenting of Jacob. Because they know what its like to have a child with SPD as well as 3 kids within 1 year of each other. We also had them talking about depression and how they can't understand how people just can't deal with their lives like everyone else. I started antidepressants the 2nd day we were there. They seem to be helping which is good because I was feeling like I was drowning. Thankfully dh didn't tell his parents about it.

    But we got to do lots of fun stuff and spent some time with my family which is great. So overall the trip got a thumbs up.

    This week I scheduled Jacob's additional testing. They are going to do the sociocultural, educational, speech/language and hearing on April 19th. The dev. psy eval will be April 24th.

    I'm nervous about the meeting with the SW. They told me they are going to ask about all of his dev. milestones. I don't remember. I had twins and was pg with my 3rd their first year of life. Also I had a full time nanny because I was on restricted activity and couldn't care for the boys. Also since they are adopted I don't know too much about their birthfamilies or about their pg history. And nothing really about their birth. So that part should be fun.

    Just wanted to get caught up. I hope everyone is doing well.
    Reuben and Jacob - 5/21/03
    Faith - 5/8/04
    (I can't believe I'm going to have 3 3-year olds for 2 weeks soon. I guess it can't be worse than 3 2-year olds.)

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    Karen- Glad to see you back again. I think that "wild child" thing that happens when a child is overtired is multiplied with an SID child. I know my dd was always a total nightmare when she didn't get enough sleep. I can't tell you how many times I bowed out of activities on vacation in order to keep her home and put her to bed early. Never regretted it.

    My IL's are often critical of our parenting of dd and it makes staying with them no fun at all. I think finding some space of your own is a great idea for the next vacation.

    Sorry you've been feeling sick. Hope your dr. can figure it out soon.

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    Default Karen, it's good to see your update

    I don't have much time but wanted to say that I am glad you are back, glad you had a good time, even though it was a difficult time as well. And it sounds like you have some good support and plans for the next vacation.

    Good luck with the testing and with getting yourself completely healthy too.

    Talk to you soon.


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    Default Your description of your vacation sounds

    so much like mine! We often go on "family" vacations with DH's family where DD (who has SID) has to share a room with her cousins who barely sleep. It's a total nightmare. DD is extremely sensitive to how much sleep she gets and how much down time she gets. Then they have all kinds of things to say about how we're dealing with her when she's difficult due to the lack of sleep! In the last few years we've gotten a better system where DD shares a bedroom with her younger brother who goes to sleep early and that seems to help. But for some reason my in-laws and my sister-in-law are always pushing to have DD share a room with her two girl cousins around the same age, despite us repeatedly telling them this is a problem. And they see what happens! Just last week we had the in-laws to dinner and FIL again said, something to the effect that all three girls would share a room! Clueless. Glad you're back from vacation and settling into your routine. Sometimes I feel like I need a vacation after my vacation.

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    Sleep is golden around here. For all 3 of mine. Even though issues differ, and some are not as severe...each one reacts VERY badly to lack of sleep.

    I think you will find things improving in the next year or two. Three was still tough for Tobin, but four improved and five is even a little better. Same for Ansley (though she was never THAT difficult...she is just easier to deal with when she's tired or overwhelmed).

    Tobin's first year was all a blur to me as well. I was pg with Ans when he was 9mos old. His first 9mos were nothing but screaming (his AND mine) and crying. After that it was all about sleep training (imagine the fear when I had 1 kid who did NOT sleep and was pg with another). I do know T's milestones were roughly a month after Ame's so I can just do the math. But if I didn't have that, I'd be totally lost as well.

    The pg history...well, you just can't provide that info. Not much you can do about it. I have a tough time with Tobin's, but that's because tehre was so much in those 8mos I usually forget something. lol

    (((hugs))) Get well. I've had sinus crap for going on 4 weeks now. Hopefully there won't be anything else in the air til spring hits.


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