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Thread: Having a little trouble with DD - or she is having trouble with me :)

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    Default Having a little trouble with DD - or she is having trouble with me :)

    Ella and I are having a little trouble lately. I am not sure if this is part of her mild autism, or if this is *typical* behavior. She is 3.5 and a really good kid. However, lately, she is really asserting herself in a way we are not too fond of. (VERY SASSY!) For instance, if I ask her to do anything, she does the opposite! If I see her starting to take her shoes off when we are in the car and I ask her not to, she does it faster, and takes her socks off too, waving her feet up at me in the front seat. If I ask her to pick something up, she refuses, and throws twice as much stuff everywhere. She started throwing food again! (quick time outs are nipping this in the bud though) She is a one girl demolition derby in our house - just plays with one set of toys, and then leaves them where she was and tears into something else in a few minutes. omg. i cannot keep up with the mess. i am getting frustrated, can you tell? My mom and sister say that this sounds normal to them for a 3 yr old. Is it?? She is our only, so we do not know what is typical really.
    How do I stop this? Time outs? Do I stop reacting and just ignore?

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    Default My "normal" 3 year old is definitely like this! nt


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    Welcome to 3.5.....4 and 5 were Ok for us, but age 6 is bad so far....

    Seriously though, these kind of phases ebb and flow with kids. She is asserting her newly learned independance very normally. Though I will say, I think our kids magnify these issues a bit more....everything is a bit harder with Ellie then with older dd.

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