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You got a token when you completed everything? Was that without being reminded of what to do? I just trying to work through the details in my head.

What kinds of priveleges do they earn? TV? Computer? Playing with a specific toy? Playing outside? Riding bikes? Playdough? Just throwing some things out there that he likes to do.

Thats a creative idea to write on the mirror. I really like that and the kids would too.

Here's how to do it. Involve your kids as much as you can in this process. Have them come up with the steps for the list, what they can buy with their tokens, etc. Start with only 1 behavior that you are wanting to change. With us, it was the nightime routine. Remember, it is suppose to be broken down to the simplest steps to accomplish the goal. We came up with a list: take bath, put on pajamas, brush hair, brush teeth, in bed by 7:30, lights out by 8:00. We then wrote the chart up on the mirror with pictures for my 4 year old who was going along with us. For each task, they earned 1 ticket. So, there was a chance to earn 6 tickets for this routine.

The hard part is if they don't do something on the chart, then you are just suppose to let it go. I couldn't do that for a younger child, but those were the instructions for my older dd. I don't know what to tell you about how to handle it is he won't do the chart. Mine were very eager to do it because it was fun and it made them think they were in control.

Once this behavior becomes routine so that they do it without the chart, then move on to the next one. I'd pick the one thing that you'd like to change and work on that.

We then decided how the tickets could be used. 2 tickets for a 30 minute tv show, 2 tickets for 30 minutes of computer time, 20 tickets to go see a movie or change tickets for .05 per ticket. You can really make this part up.

Also, our behavior therapist was huge on once they earned a ticket you cannot take it away. Take away one of the priveleges instead, but never the ticket. Just like your boss would never ask you for your salary back if you did a bad job for one day.

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There are several others here who use a similar system. You could post another post or maybe they will see it in this one.