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Thread: ugh.....

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    Default ugh.....

    Hi....I haven't been around in a while. I came in to lurk and figured I would say hi. I have a dd...age 5 1/2 with PDD. She is in all day kindergarten and it is hard. She just had 2 full months of doing really well and now she is having some issues again.
    It is so hard....I have the blahs.
    It just seems like there is never a really good break from all of this crap.
    Just need to feel sorry for myself (and for her) today.
    Leslie M.

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    Default HUGS Leslie!

    I do know some about how you are feeling. Things have been going so well for Sierra and Savanna. Then out of the blue, things are falling apart. We are struggling again and I don't know why. I'm feeling like a bad, tired, impatient mommy and I just want a break.

    Know that you are not alone! HUGS!


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    Default I totally understand what you and Susan are saying

    I feel the same exact way. Unfortunately for us they have yet to have a long stretch of good.

    I just started antidepressants because I was so low all the time. Just watch your mood.

    take care and hugs

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    This is the place to come when you are down-kindegarten is difficult for those kiddos with PDD-nos. So much to learn, so many rules,etc. Keep us updated

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